Love or Lust?

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Love is not lust; love will elongate and make your life great and sweet but lust can entice and gradually destroy man to make him wretched. It can easily repair any wasted life and make it new and useful again but lust will do nothing but break one’s life down and make it the worst.

If your life is sinking, love can bring you up again but even when the road to the fulfilment of destiny is not complex, lust can still get you lost easily. Lust can be embedded in love or mixed with love but it takes a clear understanding of the concept of love to perfectly decipher when there’s a mix up. Anytime you observe that the position of the one or anything you love or in love with is to always place you in a situation that will make you to be an enemy of God or get you lost, note that you are in lust already; flee!

Lust is beautiful and attractive on the surface and its words are charming but deadly on the inside. It paints beautiful image of love on the mind of many but its colours are fake because it will rapidly fade away the moment it has successfully hurt its victim. It can easily make a blazing destiny become a history while the carrier is still living.

God is love and if you are in His will, you will naturally love without giving any condition. Note that if you love somebody dearly, you will always be meticulous in making decisions in favour of the things that can easily hurt them because you cherish them a lot. Love cannot get you out of the will of God but lust (love makes the will of God more pleasing and enjoyable to do), therefore, anything that gradually, actively but seductively draws your attention or your person away from the will of God is nothing but lust and it can get you lost of you fail to desist.

Before you make any decision in favour of anything or anyone, irrespective of their quality, social status, or how long you’ve wanted to have them, first consider God’s position about your decision before you execute it. What does the lord have to say about your decision; do you take his love for granted to reciprocate it with lust or you adore his love?

Love can also be described as an addiction that negates the thought about the essence of God. To love is not a sin but the moment it starts contending with the will of God in your life, it becomes lust and that’s nothing but sin. Flee! Never wait to negotiate it when you observe that your love is reciprocated with lust. Many sex organs are potential trap to destiny.

Over familiarity should not make us lose the consciousness of God. Samuel Kuye opines that the fact that sin entice thee doesn’t exonerate you from punishment- both Adam and Eve were punished, Saul was punished because he went against instruction. Note that anyone you keep company with whose presence always becloud your senses with no reason to reverence the essence of God on your life is a lust (agent from the pit of hell) and they can get you lost if you fail to break away from them. I said in Royal Disappointment that anyone you keep company with that sees nothing bad in going against the commandments of God will soon be hired to frustrate your purpose if you fail to break away from them.

Lust can frustrate your life design purpose but love can establish it. Love connote unity of Purpose because it loads you with the configuration settings of all that’s needed to fulfil purpose; it streamlines your life into doing the needful as at when due. If you cannot see your life and vision from the perspective of God, you’re in lust and it can get you lost because you’re liable to run the raise in achieving it haphazardly, either faster or slower than the originator of your purpose.

Love can be pruned; any love that’s void of self-discipline will end up in lust. When you have your love unbridled, you can easily get loosed in the face of emotions to do as occasion deserves. If your love is void of a reasonable measure of self-discipline, it will successfully sell out your life.

Although, love might conquer your ego but it should not bereave you of your identity and the one (God) in whom your identity is shaped. Anyone you please to displease God is an agent of lust and the only solution is to flee from such a person. Joseph fled lust initiated by Potiphar‘s wife, and he had a royal acceleration; Samson dabbled into lust, and he lost his destiny, strength, eyes and life. Saul the king practised it, and he lost his throne and the presence of God; Ammon lust after Tammar and lost his life; Judah lust after the wife of his son and lost the throne for several years; Annania and Saphira lust after material things and lost their lives; Judas Iscariot lust after material things and committed suicide at the end. The deadly end of lust is shame and regret; it might be enjoyable while in the act but the end thereof is full of scorn.



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