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Extracts of your senses

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Our eyes are very crucial to our fulfilment in life. It can determine how far one can go in life and how constrained one can be; an eagle can fly farther easily when it can see further. Note that despite the fact that an aeroplane is in the air, if the weather becomes blurred, it poses a critical danger on its ability to continue its journey.

What you cannot see, you cannot be. Human body is conditioned to swing into executing the product of his thoughts which are usually an extract of their senses. If you want to become great, live a disciplined and fulfilled life, then, discipline your senses- the limitations many people experience today is never a product of finance or their backgrounds but a product of their thoughts which are usually the extracts of their senses. Note that the transition you long to see in your life from your current state to your desired state will surely be initiated or affected by the extracts of your senses.

The gravity of human success or failure is usually determined by the extract of their senses processed by their minds. If you want to easily know what your senses are connected to, properly dissect your life and see what it constantly reflects.
No mind can be properly dealt with in isolation without working first on one’s senses. Note that one’s senses are the buccal cavities through which one’s mind is actively fed the same way the entire body system is fed through the mouth. Whatever your mind often process is a product of what your senses (eyes, skin, nose, ears, and tongue) are connected to overtime.

Any faith that’s not connected to the entire human senses and not rationality is lifeless and cannot be operationalized let alone bringing results. Faith that cannot see (I.e without the ability to concretize the abstract), hear (because faith comes by hearing the word of God), feel (like the woman of the issue of blood that says only of she can touch the helm of Jesus’ garment), smell (be constantly aware of the unusual and engage the moment for an unusual result), and talk it with the tongue can never bring the desired result.

What you can’t see, you can’t be; know you not that what you can’t smell will either make or mess your life. Until your senses are connected to God, your mind can never stop being a machine used by the devil for the production of its inputs. The degree of responsiveness of your senses to spiritual connection will immensely determine how strategically positioned you are in surmounting every deadly trap set for your life and how rapid you will be in mounting the ladder to the fulfilment of destiny.

Devil can never get through to you in the absence of your senses. If the devil does not get hold of your senses, he can never have access to your mind then your mind can never be used as an instrument in his hand to devour you.
All human sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin) generate signals from without and send it directly to the brain for processing, then anyone that has an emotional attachment will be directly sent by the brain to the mind to give it a critical examination.

Falling commences from unbelief; when you doubt what God can do, you are bound to gradually derail to follow the paths of the world.

The pronouncement of the gradual fall of Adam and Eve’s was made immediately Eve chose to pay an undivided attention to the confusion of the devil called advice by allowing her eyes to see life from devil’s perspective. She never stopped there but went ahead to teach (convince) her husband to belief in the heresy as well through her tongue, and they both smelt something ‘good’ and they felt it good to make a decision in favour of the devil as against the commandment of the Lord, and they tasted the offering of the devil to test his sayings. This automatically drew a partition line between them and God and place them as companion with the devil. Do not taste the offering of the devil to test or confirm his sayings as it can end your destiny in early grave (not that you will die, but will make you to become a history when you’re still alive).



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