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The quality of your thinking will surely be affected by whatever your senses (eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose) are glued to. The sons of God in the early years of creation had been very faithful and obedient to God’s instructions not until when they saw the nakedness of the daughters of men and started sleeping with them forcefully which later cost them their position in heaven. Note that the Angels were not destroyed by not having enough power but by what they saw.

Balaam hired Balak and even enticed him with his wealth to curse the Israelite but in spite of all Balak did, the mission was fruitless because the Israelite were the blessed of the Lord and can never be cursed but immediately strange ladies were sent to the midst of their (Israelite) camp to expose their bodies that the Israelite might see and lust after them, the Israelite found themselves in a great trouble. The senses of many have brought them into troubles that have sent them to early grave while some are still wallowing in the pain or even brought their generations under the lordship of unknown curses.

Uriah and his wife, Bath-sheba, had been living around the King’s compound for long and nothing happened until the day King David saw the nakedness of the woman while she was washing herself and his mind painted a beautiful picture of how pleasurable it would be to have her in bed. He ended up achieving his aim but what he saw got several generations of his sunk because he committed several atrocities in order to achieve his aim.

Never try to be diplomatic but flee if you observe that what you see (movie, picture, dressing etc.), hear (advice, music, discussion, slang etc.), smell (perfume, aroma etc.), feel (any unscrupulous touch from an opposite sex), taste (anything edible) can make you derail at any point in time. No one is too great to fall.

You cannot build the structure if you cannot see the picture. Nothing will work without faith and no faith can bring the desired result without any connection with your senses. Faith is the ability to concretize the invisible through trust in the word of God; believing is seeing. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Discipline, diligence and dedication became the watchword of Joseph in the land of slavery where he was not even treated like a slave boy because he had seen the glorious picture of his future before time, therefore, he will never allow the words of anyone, irrespective of their social status, to drag him out of purpose. I really know that Potiphar‘s wife must have been treating Joseph specially before time like giving him special meals (to appeal to his taste), dressing seductively to appeal to his eyes, speaking some beautiful words to him to appeal to his ears, using costly deodorants to appeal to his nose thereby sending some beautiful but deadly signals to Joseph’s brain through his senses.

One fateful day when the house looks scanty and her body seemed to want someone to calm down the nerves, then, she thought of Joseph, having sent several deadly signals to him earlier via his senses and believing that he must have been engrossed too and looking for a way to express his emotion. She thought to get through to Joseph via the last but deadly sense organ; the skin. A singular touch from an opposite sex to many people are deadly traps because they easily lose their emotional cart. If you can sail through the emotional temptation of the skin, you might likely be free from falling victim of fornication or adultery.

Potiphar‘s wife started caressing Joseph’s body, having partly undressed herself, but Joseph hastily discerned the deadly trap to his destiny and struggled himself with her. People do not fall once but gradually because several deadly signals would have been sent prior to their fall that they have paraded themselves to be ignorant of. Devil totally convinced Eve by asking her to touch the tree; who and what have you touched or who has touched you that is making you to behave amorously or feeling perpetually uneasy about your life, desist before you find your destiny in the pot of soup.

Note that it is quite easy for God and devil to get through man via their senses. God caught Moses’ attention by what he saw (the burning bush and the wilderness that was not destroyed), Gideon’s attention was caught by what he heard from the Angel about himself; Samuel’s attention was caught at a tender age by what he heard; Saul (Paul) was caught via what he saw and heard on his way to Damascus. Adam and Eve fell by what they heard and tasted; Ammon totally fell by the counsel of Jonadab, although, he earlier had the intention but was confused on how to execute it.

What’s the Lord’s position about your decision before you execute it?

Whatever you see is not expected to get you sink but rather make you spring. The Israelite saw the red sea at their front and the Egyptians behind them, and they started raining down curses on Moses for bringing them out of Egypt but God manifested His supremacy. It is very easy for the devil to stumble upon any life and devour it because they conditioned their senses to magnify devil’s intentions towards them and end up training their minds to believe more in what the devil can do than what God can do.

Devil is the masterminded of every spiritual malware and can choose to send them to you via any of your signals (senses) but it is left for you to either accept or reject. Devil can choose to show you death via prophesy or dream and even paint the picture to be very real but you can also choose to allow your mind to absorb the obnoxious thoughts and you start running up and down or you show him the endless life that the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus had delivered unto you; the devil might show you your past and even accuse you of it, if you are convinced of your salvation, then show him the future purchased for you by the precious blood of Jesus. If your eyes can picture it and your mind can capture it, then your hands can structure it. If you can control what your senses absorb into your mind, you can control your life.



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