A beautiful face or a good heart

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Written by: Ogunyemi Abiola ( Sociology)

As I was trying to make my face up as usual this morning. Immediately, a thought dropped in my spirit, I couldn’t but stop to listen. The thought says,”Why do you spend valuable time, money, resources etc just to make up your face?”

To look prettier was the reply I gave the thought. Don’t get it wrong I continued, I’m not going out there to attract any soul with my look, I just want to look pretty for myself. Yes, look good and bold for myself. The thought says, all these resources you spent on looking good for yourself, have you ever thought on using them on your inner self (heart), I mean making your heart looks good? I quickly interrupted the thought, please don’t even go there, I am a very gentle lady and every soul I’ve ever met can testify to that.

I care about everything, including non living things, I went on ranting with the thought. Again comes the thought, no one is saying you are a devil, but you can’t prove to be an Angel as well.You just claim you have a beautiful heart, are you saying your face is so ugly that you have to make it up every now and then,and your heart is too beautiful that it doesn’t need to be worked on?

I took a deep breath, and I said to myself, which of these two needs my attention more, my heart or my face? The thought quickly interrupted, off course, its your heart. A beautiful face doesn’t always reflect a good heart. But a good heart reflects the most beautiful face ever. The thought continued, if you are beautiful on the inside, your outside will be a platter of gold. Happiness will always be your companion, and your personality will attract favour from all and sundry.

Your beautiful face nevertheless will be forgotten in no time, if your heart is as filthy as a rag.

In as much as we work on our face to make it adorable daily, let also remember to work on our personality. A beautiful personality will take you farther than you can imagine, why a beautiful face may only bring compliments to your table. A BEAUTIFUL HEART SHOULD BE OUR PRIORITY. Henceforth, your heart must receive more beauty tips, your resources, and more time than your face. MY HEART MUST BE PRETTIER THAN MY FACE.



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