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As a man of God, God is not regarding you as a needy but created you to meet other’s needs. Everyone whose identity is God must live an exemplary life of giving and not always receiving- God himself gave his beloved son to the whole world as propitiation for our sins.

If a son is acclaimed to be yours and there’s no semblance of your identity in him, then, it can be concluded that he’s a bastard. If you’re a man whose standard of creation is God (created in his image) and your life emit not his glory or reflects his honour, then, you’re a mistake. A sheep cannot give birth to a dog.

God is not only blessing you for your family but for you to employ your deity ability in wealth to bless others as well. Abraham was not only blessed for himself and his household but for the whole earth to be blessed in him and through him. God is prepared to bless you such that you can lend to many nations (Deu 28:12)- no man of God is poor because their father (God) is not a pauper except for the ones that stand not on the standard of their creation.

God is giving you a mansion (big house) not to pride in but to accommodate people in your house. Moreover, you cannot sleep in more than one room at a time except you want to have a sleepless night.

God can never bless you beyond your desire to promote his kingdom; if you create a channel of outflow, God will create a channel of inflow.

As a man of God, you might not have silver and gold (the treasures of the earth) as expected but note that you have in you something that can change the story of your generation entirely. Peter and john never had silver and gold to give to the man begging for alms at the entrance of the gate called beautiful but what they had and gave to the man changed his identity. Moses never had silver and gold to pay King pharaoh as ransom to set the Israelites free from their slavery but what he had and gave to them brought them out of their slavery to their promise land; Elisha never had silver and gold to help the widow whose children were taken away by her husband’s creditors but what he had and gave the woman settled her debt and changed her story.

Peter, the fisherman, never had silver and gold to build a stage for Jesus to preach the gospel, but he surrendered his boat and such a move launched him into a supernatural harvest of fishes. When you meet the needs of others, God will supernaturally meet your needs.

Note that the needs of a man of God is never being met by parading themselves to be in need but by actively engaging themselves in meeting the needs of others (Luke 6:38). Joseph was made a ruler in a strange land according to his dream because he met the need of the king by giving interpretation to the encrypted dream; Jephthah was made a king by those who had earlier despised him because he solved their problem. The honour and glory accorded unto Jesus today was not born out of him parading himself to be thirsty of that, but because he met the needs of the whole world by delivering us from the power of the sin.

The quality of the solution you provide or capable of providing will determine the magnanimity of your name- if the title you bear has no connection with quality of solution you’re capable of providing, it will fade away shortly. People are not remembered for their names but for their unique contributions to lives. If you want your name to outlive your existence, contribute uniquely to make life better; a mighty man of God.



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