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Men of war anticipate war; men of their words lack no word integrity; the lives of men of the world reflect a lucid feature of the world; men of God are usually God personified. The profession of many as a man of God is a great fiasco because their lives are just a reflection of a gross deviation from God’s standard.

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Who’s a man of God?

A man of God is the one whose identity is God; he is a man whose content is God even though the container is man. The identity of a man of God is shaped by nothing but God and his whole existence is constantly ruled by God. Uniqueness in name, colour of skin or suit do not perfectly explain who a man of God is but the one whose presence evidently manifests the glory of God.

Every man of God can do what God can, say what God can, hear what God can hear and finally act the way God can. Note that every man of God is God in human form. No man of God without anointing. Anointing is God in and upon man (in the old testament, he operated upon but now, he operates in). When God departs from an anointed man, what remain is the man himself; when the spirit of God departs from Samson, he became an ordinary man and an ordinary man can be dealt with by anyone without any measure of punishment.

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No man can do good without being a man of God (Acts 10:38) and no man can be a man and of God without anointing. Any good an ordinary man does is usually with an ulterior motive. If you see any acclaimed man of God doing good but for a selfish interest, note that they are not true men of God; ordinary man believes in natural gain but a true man of God believes in a supernatural reward.

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A man of God is not usually honoured for the name they bear but for the glory of the one they carry when they are filled by the presence of God. The knowledge of the way is what distinguishes you in life. People do not follow you for the name you bear but for the way you know. Note that when you know the way you will be in command.
Moses knew the way and three million people (the Israelites) followed him; Joshua knew the way, and he commanded the attention of people; David knew the way, even though he was a destitute struggling for his life not to be terminated by king Saul, four hundred people still ran after him to make him their leader.

You cannot journey with the way and still miss your way to destiny. Every man of God is an embodiment of the way (Jesus), the truth and the life.

Bear in mind that every human being was created in the image of God I.e. they carry the identity of God, therefore, every man on earth is expected to be a man of God according to the rule of their creation. Many men failed to be in command or even attract honour as designed for their lives simply because they long to live outside the status of their creation (they want to live outside God) which is supposed to be a reflection of the God they carry. You cannot live without God and be without “buts” (a questionable life) but for a faithful man of God (the one who live according to the standard of his creation), every questionable situation in their lives are prepared to be a centre of attraction for another man’s salvation.

Every man according to their standard of creation is prepared to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, dominate and subdue even though anybody does not prophesy about it because they are basic identity of God passed unto man during creation. He gave man also the ability to create and that’s why men can reproduce and even be innovative.

No man of God that deserts the word in them to chase after the world will remain usable for the lord; the word (empowerment) in you will attract the world to you only if you can fine tune it.



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