From where comes my help?

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Help has ever remain a crucial but scarce commodity needed for survival that almost every created being on earth is persistently and relentlessly looking for. Seeking help is never limited to any calibre of people in the society as anyone that longs for an improvement in a particular situation or make it easier for him/her to get something done persistently demands it irrespective of their social status, echelons of authority, achievements etc.

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Help becomes relevant to everyone or commodity that every being seeks to have simply because irrespective of their level of grace, wealth, achievement, position of authority and many more, there will surely be some moments of time of life when they will find themselves in a situation that they will be unable to defend themselves. The moment of life is usually called the helpless situation- it is the moment of life when the rich looks poor, a time when the brilliant seem dull, a period of life where the one on the seat of power looks as the one that lacks authority; where the wise seems to be as a fool and many more.

No matter how strong a man might be, if he becomes insane, his strength becomes automatically useless in bringing him back to his senses but the help of a specialist in the field; if a wealthy man should have a chronic road accident, although his wealth might be engaged in settling the hospital bills that he might get the best treatment for a quick recovery but with the help of a medical practitioner who specialises in such area of treatment.

Everybody is not needed in the journey to fulfilment of destiny but somebody whose contributions (help) will amount to treasures and values needed for the fulfilment of destiny. You will rapidly run into a great failure if you derive pleasure in forcefully making everyone to become a part of your life; many are not needed. Note that everybody cannot be part of your life, some have to be part of your story. The reason for this is that a person whose contributions (input or help) will amount to a deadly trap to the fulfilment of destiny must be prevented and that’s why many will long to help, but they wouldn’t be able to.

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Every organisation with a head (CEO, Manager, chairman) needs the effective support (help) of committed workers (labourers) to execute its daily assignment and efficiently achieve his vision. Note that any organisation that has consumers more than labourers (workers or helpers) cannot stand the test of time.

Without the presence of the needed help, destiny can be easily wasted, lives can be greatly lost, many can easily fall victim of the unknown and life can easily become a deadly trap with an enticing bait that can tame destiny into eternal destruction and remorse. The road you know nothing about and you journey through can easily put you in trouble.

Devil does not need any great weapon to destroy a mighty man whose internal weakness remain unaddressed; he will only engage the enemy within them that they’ve treated as if it never exists. It was quite easy for David to bring down Goliath with just a sling and a stone because he sighted the weakness that Goliath never care to address which was his forehead that was left uncovered. No matter how mighty a man might seem to be, if he parades himself to be ignorant of his most deadly enemy (weakness), it will soon be hired to destroy him, and he will soon end up becoming an object of ridicule in the camp of the enemy- A case of Samson.

Getting help from mortals is not a reflection of their generosity or kindness to their fellow human but a manifestation of God’s goodness and grace. Bear on mind that an average human that’s clothed with flesh is usually self-centred- they are mostly concerned about individualistic life rather than a collective well-being. Many a time, human does not give out of their free will but simply because they have a prospect of what they stand to gain in the future. If you’re privileged to get help from men, do not be ignorant that it’s a reflection of God’s grace; who can help man if God had failed to help him? Many people easily embrace every extended pseudo hands of help because they place their affection and attention on men for help even when their offerings are not needed.



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