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The amount of physical or mental stress you encounter in getting things done is dependent on your level of trust in God. It is very easy to take both delicate organs in your head and chest (brain and heart) through the rigour of what you’ve been experiencing when your level of trust in God is nothing to write home about.

The help of God does not have respect for stigmatisation or segregation as anyone can be used as a channel through which the help can be delivered.

Whatever it is that you lack is in excess supply somewhere. Earthly connection, authority or position might be ineligible to get it for you but no matter how, everything has to submit their authority to divine authority. The word of the lord depicts the real identity of the lord as ‘The I am.’ He speaks what he will do and eventually does it. God is not a man that speaks to entice or raise pseudo hope in man but rather speaks what is true and capable of bringing to pass.

He had spoken to Abraham about giving him wonderful seeds several years before it came to pass not because he wanted to delay but because Sarah’s womb and Abraham’s spermatozoa had to be worked upon. The moment God promised to give you anything, he had started working on it, and he will only be ready to deliver it to you when he’s done with it not when it’s still half-done no matter the amount of your tears.

If God speaks to you on a matter and you can act in faith to do what you can in obedient, then, God will surely do what you can’t on your behalf.

The ancient day barter system rapidly became antiquated in helping man to get his purpose accomplished simply because it’s time-consuming, laborious and consumes human efforts in the process of searching for whomsoever has need of what you have and willing to give out what you need simultaneously provided that they have. Heavenly barter system is quite spiritually mechanised than the earlier version, the invisible hands control the heavenly barter system; it goes thus, “Cast your bread upon waters and in many days you shall find it.” When you cast your bread on waters, it will not return to you as bread because it would have been consumed by the creatures in the water but will rather return to you as something that’s worthwhile; fish.

If you can give out what you have to those in need of it, then, it will automatically bring you what you need from those that have it in their custody; kingdom principle.
Barter system of the world states that give out what you have to get what you need. The same Principle applies in the kingdom wealth making principle. It states that hold unto what you and suffer for what you need and vice versa.

The widow gave what she had left to eat with her son, even in the period of famine to the prophet (Elijah) and she got several pots of oil in return; the lad met the needs of several people on the wilderness with just five loaves of bread and two fishes and got several baskets of breads and fishes in return; Peter (One of the disciples) gave his boat to Jesus for preaching, and he had a net breaking harvest of fish; Joseph gave his talent to serve the king even in his land is slavery, and he rose to become a great leader; Tabitha (Dorcas) used her wealth to meet the needs of the needy and her corpse got the attention of Jesus to be brought back to life because of the massive cry of the needy. If what you have is not enough to settle what you need and it can accurately attend to the need of another person, give it out that exactly what you need can locate you- all the aforementioned personalities exhibited this quality before they could attract the help of God.

Many disciples that later became apostles gave out their lives to Christ, and they were heard all around the globe even without any paid publication. You might not have everything, but you will surely have something, therefore, to attract the help of God, you must give him what you have.

Give sacrificially to God and man- it might be painful but it will surely be paid-full. Abraham gave Isaac, and he got eternal covenant; Solomon offered unusual sacrifice of burnt offering, and he got an unusual blessing; Noah offered sacrificial offering after the flood and the curse upon the land was removed and changed to blessing. Lot gave to men, but unknown to him that they were Angels, and him and his family were saved from the destruction that’s to ravaged the whole land.

No man, channel or event is too small to be engaged or to deliver the long awaited help; be open-minded.

Four lepers were used to deliver the whole land of Israel from a terrible famine; a lad was used to feed thousands of people in the wilderness by Jesus. The help of God that is called grace (a careful blending of mercy and favour) can make the worst sinner qualify for the blessing of the lord



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