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We have largely but gradually missed many sources of unfathomable supply of our respective needs because our hearts are only conditioned to picture great help when we see the physical display of the wealth of men and deliberately desert the greatest and stress-less means of supply that has been opened unto us.

The only help that man can receive without a requirement of meritocracy is the help from God; men cannot release any offerings of theirs to anyone without first assessing whether one is qualified to receive such offering. If you are privilege to receive any offering from men and it was given to you out of free will but when you critically peruse it, you observe that it is far above your standard (you do not merit it), note that it is an event initiated by God and not just kindness shown by men.

If God is interested in opening an unidentifiable source of help unto someone, it takes him nothing to organise one’s enemies to orchestrate events that will automatically exalt one to the throne while they think that they are only executing their evil plans. Had it been that Pharaoh knew that his whole kingdom was going to be turned to mere ashes through the hands of Moses from the first day the baby was brought into the house by his daughter, he wouldn’t have allowed him to dwell under his roof let alone allowing his feeding, but he would have immediately ordered for his killing. God hired Moses’ most deadly enemies that had because of the news about the arrival of Moses killed many male children in the land to be his guide and guard, give him a formal education, get him a nursing mother and every other things he needed to live a successful life till he has fully come of age.

God’s provision is always a great solution (comes with peace) while men’s provision is nothing but a great pollution because by the time men start making mention of what they’ve done for you in the midst of people and you are privileged to know, you will regret ever getting something from them.

The help of God comes with compassion but the help of men comes with conditions.

Jesus was given to the whole earth as an element of propitiation for their sins out of compassion and not condition even when the whole world was still ignorant of their wickedness. The whole world was helpless for years under the bondage of sin and a great coverage of darkness but the help of God through the manifestation of the lamb of God (Jesus) for propitiation gave man power over sin.

Joseph’s brothers were on a mission to rapidly exterminate his destiny but God was also on a mission to adopt the same plan in advancing Joseph, and he made the travellers from the tribe of Ishmaelite to intercept them in order to convey Joseph down to his place of manifestation.

The help of man can be deadly but the help of God can bring melody.

Obed-odom‘s life seemed to portray nothing advantageous to himself or people around him and for this reason he was pushed to live in the outskirts of the land. Since there’s been nothing good about his life, the king thought it wise to help him end his miserable life at once by just dropping the “killing ark” in his house but because the event was initiated by God, he employed it to totally rewrite the story of Obed-odom and make him sing a melodious song. When man’s help comes from God, the same event that the enemy has prepared to disgrace him will totally be adopted by God to show forth his grace and glory.

Bear in mind that a man’s life and situation might look disarrayed and unappreciated by mortals but the day the lord chooses to come into a man’s situation, he can make his situation a centre of attraction for another man’s salvation.

Haman was so diligent and meticulous in making his plans to exterminate all the Hebrews in their land such that he even sought the advice of people and fixed a specific date to execute his plans. He went further in seeking a royal approval from king Ahaseurus to seal up his concluded plans and the approval was successfully granted.
On the side of the oppressor, there was power, authority and wealth but to the oppressed was no help. Haman’s plans were deeply rooted such that he sent copies of his publications of his plans with a royal seal to several provinces that his plans might be executed simultaneously and there might be a great cry in the midst of the Hebrews. The Hebrews knew not what to do, but they went to God in sack cloths and great cry like they were mourning for a divinely orchestrated help and God turned around the whole plans made by Haman against him and in favour of the Hebrew.

Your situation may render you helpless such that no one even want to identify themselves with you but God is never in the business of deserting his heritages because you’re one in as much as they entrust everything into his care; those that leave everything in God’s hand usually see God’s hand in everything.

The man found sitting by the Bethesda pool with infirmity for thirty-eight years confirmed to Jesus that he had no one to help him and that’s why he had spent such a long years by the pool. Although, this might be true but not completely true. He was deserted! His infirmity had drained the entire resources of the family yet remains unchanged, and they were left with no choice than to abandon him or treat him like an outcast. Men tried all they could do to help him out of his problem but all to no avail because men can never do what God can do except He gives them the ability.

Note that every help you might get from man that has no divine approval will amount to hell; it is capable of deteriorating the situation.

Let God be your help and stop making man the means to your ends. Man can default and still feel justified but God is faithful to his words; He never lies.



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