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Isolation of the body can be easily corrected when there are presence of people around it but isolation of the mind can gradually drain blood and open up man’s body to an unprecedented sickness because no multitude of the presence of mortal beings can do justice to the correction of such; illusion of the mind. Anything that successfully stabs your emotion (happiness) can take your life because it will gradually take your breath. When your happiness is stabbed, no amount of food will you eat that can give you a healthy growth irrespective of it’s cost or richness.

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Note that the radiance of any man’s life is usually a product of their happiness and this is reflected in their daily dressing, attitude, and relationship with people.
It is quite important we note that there’s nothing we’re longing to have on earth that’s not been created right from the inception of the world except for the ones that are yet to be discovered; nothing was omitted, but it will be difficult if not impossible to have when you bypass the originator and start running after pseudo financial.

The worldly things people run after or search for had become the channel of their destruction; they were in a hurry to end their destiny. For every or any assignment given to you on earth, there’s always a ready-made provision. You cannot be on a mission for God and be stranded, therefore, if you want to enjoy God’s unique but constant provision always, endeavour to constantly be on a mission for God.

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Bear in mind that not until that which resembles pseudo protection and glory is removed from your life, the true glory might not be made known. When God invades one’s life like a city without wall, nothing about one’s life will remain secret and everything that’s against God’s glory shall be totally removed; the only glory left to be seen in one’s life when God invades one’s life is His glory.

No man is allowed to boast over you except you give them the right; note that the moment you start exalting the gift and the channel (man) on one hand above the giver (God) on the other hand, you are automatically selling out the right to pride over you for what has been done to the channel and because of this the giver (God) might be conditioned to withhold his subsequent gift because he does not share his glory; men can give you petty but God can give you plenty. Every gift of men awaits a barter exchange (they might not demand the same thing in return, but they will surely want something in return) but every gift from God is a complete take away.

Overconfidence of the knowledge about a particular event and the likely outcomes have made many to easily overlook the importance of God in their pursuits. Making God the centre of your life is nothing other than a contingent approach to life: many people parade themselves to be too knowledgeable about life and constantly operate their lives via scientific principles I.e. many things about their lives are predictable but note that no matter how knowledgeable you might seem to be about a journey, there are always possibilities of intervening variables (unplanned events) intercepting or wanting to intercept your path.

It is cheaper to get to the top but it’s costlier to maintain the relevance at the top; Satan is not heavily disturbed by any human today’s success, continuity is the problem. People are usually being heavily indebted in gratitude when they see mortals as the main and only financier of their earthly purpose. It is good to reverence men for whatever kindness you’re privileged to get from them but it is not worth it to make them your object of worship.

Every created being on earth has a preordained track they must follow to fulfilment. There is a reason for their creation and if they remain on track of the will of God, they will surely fulfil the will of God upon their lives irrespective of the channel through which they came to the earth, even if mortal forsake them, heaven has a way of orchestrating events that will raise them to stardom that they might be a force to reckon with.

Being born out of wedlock doesn’t exempt you from the plan and purposes of God. The channel of birth you came through might give men the effrontery to ridicule and despise you but that only gives God a reason to arise to your need because you are part of his agenda. The fact that you’re on earth at present is an enough reason to confirm that God has chosen to make you part of his agenda. Bear in mind that the channel you came through might be awful, despicable and even give men the right to rapidly want to do away with you but note that your existence connotes the revelation of the manifestation of God’s majesty. The channel of your birth might give men reasons to call you a bastard but to God you’re a true son or daughter. Our destiny is created by God and not written by men, therefore, men are not eligible to bring it to manifestation. Being born out of wedlock is not an enough reason for you to jettison the purpose for which you’re created I.e. it doesn’t stop you from living a fulfilled life except you choose not to live a fulfilled life.

Jephthah was born out of wedlock (in the act of prostitution) and he was thrusted out by his kindred that he might not inherit anything from his father’s house because he belonged to a strange woman. Jephthah fled from his brother to dwell in an unknown land even with vain men. He refused to give up on himself and keep developing himself in the will of the lord till the day he was made a king over the people that had earlier deserted him because the spirit of the Lord was with him.

Ishmael and her mother, Hagar, were thruster out of Abraham’s house because he was not the promised child, nevertheless, the promises of God to make him great never departed from him and his tribe ended up being a saviour and a connector to the place of manifestation of the glorious Joseph when his brothers were about sentencing him to death.

The channel Solomon came through never stopped him from becoming the king because he never deviated from the will of God. He was a child produced from the lust of king David after Beersheba while she was having her bath. Solomon was declared the wisest and the richest king ever liveth on earth because he sought God and not man when he ascended the throne.

Jesus’ pregnancy and birth was not in the right order of human conception yet his coming was to make the order of human right. The father wanted to secretly dump the mother because the pregnancy seemed to be a disgrace because he never knew that it was that same child that will bring his name out of obscurity forever. Note that your earthly parent might choose to desert you because of the channel of your birth, but he that has given you a purpose to fulfil on earth will never for once desert you till he brings you to the place he has prepared for you if only you can follow him through.



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