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Man is naturally stingy and mostly controlled by self emotion but the ability to give without reluctance and with no expectation of returns become easily activated in them only when everything they have no longer holds value to them again, or they are no longer under the control of their belongings but in control. Whatever you have not asked God and receive from him, you cannot seek and find from men.

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God is the custodian of every goody you might be looking for (he created the earth and its fullness) but he engages men as channels through which those things are released to whosoever that is privileged to find his grace.

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Men (even relatives) might be rich, although close to you, but might be out of reach even when they are not occupied but despite the fact that God attends to the needs of the whole earth daily, his wealth is never affected, and he’s never because of this stay out of reach. The moment your demand for material things become uncontrollable from mortals, your presence will immediately fail to magnetize their attention, and they will because of this look for all means to stop you from coming around them.

No matter how beautifully dressed or radiantly coloured the faces of men are, they will surely have some undisclosed issues they are battling with, and they will also love to gallantly paint the pictures of their odds before whosoever comes to seek their helps. There is virtually nothing you’re looking for or in need of that will drop from heaven, everything is here on earth but in the custody of someone. It is quite easy for men to freely release anything they own to another person when they realize that they are only in possession of those items as they have not the ownership, although they have it in their custody.

In the days of the Israelites in the wilderness, heaven was in charge of their daily supply; Angels in heaven had to do some divisions of labour- some were in the kitchen cooking manna daily while some were in charge of getting the raw materials needed and some in charge of their (Israelites) security. He fed them for forty years when there seem to be no relevant supply of items needed for survival without going stranded- heaven was never declared bankrupt before, during and after their stay in the wilderness. This is the proof of how exceedingly buoyant heaven has ever been and will ever be.

Jesus order Peter to get to the river and just get a fish, open the mouth, and he will find money needed to pay their tax. This is the proof that heavenly supply is usually hidden treasures and riches of the secret places and it takes total dependence on heaven to easily locate their locations. Who could have known that such a rock could be a custodian of the water the Israelites needed for survival in such a critical stage? If they had failed to depend on God through their leader (Moses), there would have been a massive death in their midst because of the dearth supply of water. If he’s the “I am” and he did it then, he can do it again.

A nation’s economy might go bankrupt but the heavenly economy will ever be buoyant; your job might fail to deliver to you all your expectation but God will never cut off the expectation of the righteous; earthly authorities might put people under a dynamic version of slavery through their various policies but heaven is capable of giving total liberty. Do you remember the case of the Israelites in the land of Egypt when they raised different set of policies to reduce the populations of the Israelites but instead, they were waxing stronger daily and multiplying greatly and rapidly.

God has never delivered the right to provide for the daily welfare of his heritages to the kings and kingdoms of the earth- he’s capable. If he’s your father and the head of your family, then the supply of your daily needs should come from him. Many persistently blame the government or many around them when things are not working for them because they move their attention away from their real father and placed the government, jobs and earthly parents on the seat of honour to be their father, then failure becomes immense. Rather than apportioning blames, ask your father the reason things are not working- He’s a question answering God.

Note that when the prodigal son went away from his father, even though he was buoyant at first, he rapidly got stranded even when he came from a wealthy home, he faced life alone. But the moment he acknowledged the essence of his father and returned to him, his father was ready to make him live on his wealth again. The moment you move your attention away from the original source of your supply and place it on your governments (even though they are kind), job (even though you’re earning big) and people around you, you will in no time go stranded.
From where comes my help as I journey this year?

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  • Reference:

II Kings 6:26-27



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  1. Eric Wordsmith

    January 4, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    More of God sir

    • gbengacornerstone

      January 4, 2018 at 7:49 pm

      Amen sir

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