Discipline, Diligence and Dedication: The keys to fulfilling a vision

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Vision doesn’t eliminate distractions. It only inspires us to focus on what matters. Whatever thing a man will become in life will surely happen to him twice; in the dream and in reality. The vastness of our dream about the future (vision) will largely determine the worth of our investment in ourselves today so that the future we picture will become a structure we can behold.

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Timothy Gallery writes that, If you have a clear vision of where you want to go, you are not as easily distracted by the many possibilities and agendas that otherwise divert you.” Personal vision will help us to have a guide for decisions, become meaning-driven and inner directed, think in long-term and maintain balance for our lives.

  • My personal vision

My personal vision is to have my name documented in the history book of the black race such that I become the person my children look to with pride and dignity, and the person my mum (because my dad is late) and my generation can boldly say unto that “He is ours.”

I want to have a life of meaning for myself and others. It’s very crucial to me that I live a life that shows care, love, concern and kindness to my family, buddies, and even my generation such that there will be no one left not being impacted by my existence. It will be a great fulfilment to me to earn respect for myself not based on the platform that has earlier been created by my predecessors but by the recognition earned based on my unique achievement and abilities.

My vision is to be a person who can speak for others that cannot (air the voice of others), see for those that cannot and listen for those that lack the abilities, not for my selfish interest or to exploit others but to as well make their dreams a reality.

Another ultimate vision of my life is to be someone who positively impacts millions of people’s lives through my vision, determination, commitment and passion and also help to improve the quality of lives of people all around the globe by fulfilling my purpose in life. I believe that there’s a reason for my creation and the fulfilment of my purpose is an accurate answer for another man’s problems, therefore, I want to fulfil my purpose as a human being on this planet; to be a living example of unending possibilities of human spirit, to be an inspiration and role model to many, to be remembered and create a legacy that will outlive me, to live to the fullest my potentials and to have a financially free life.

  • How do I plan to achieve my vision?

Note that the worth of your vision to you will largely determine the amount of investment you put in yourself today. It is very easy to live a care-free life or a non conscious life simply because they have no inspiring vision, or they do not believe in the worth of their vision. Every invaluable vision is usually guided by three independent but systemic principles which are discipline, diligence and dedication.

  • Discipline

This according to the English dictionary can be regarded as a punishment to train or maintain control or a controlled behaviour. Discipline helps to gain balance with standard. It does not always come with elements of convenience. Laxity and any personal hindrance to the fulfilment of destiny can be successfully eliminated through the help of discipline.

A man without a full dose of self-discipline can personally build roadblocks on his pathway to fulfilment.

Note that discipline can help man to get more committed to a fruitful task even when it is not convenient.
A man without self-discipline can deliberately sell out their destiny to familiar but deadly enemies- a case of Esau and Samson. Bear in mind that discipline can attract all manners of stigmatization, confrontation and battles not called for. Joseph was an epitome of a discipline man, having seen his glorious future prior to his arrival to Egypt. The future you cannot see, you cannot be. He never allowed any ungodly offer to distract him but rather fixed his gaze on the price.

Any glory without self-discipline will end up being a story; any destiny, no matter how blazing they might be, without self-discipline, can never become an entity.

Esau became susceptible to his brother because he lacked self-discipline; Joseph preserved his vision jealously even in the strange land where bait-like offers were available through discipline; Samson’s honour was successfully dragged in the thick mud because he packed self-discipline; Reuben, the firstborn of Jacob, was successfully being stripped of his glory because he lacked self-discipline- he slept with his father’s wife. Discipline can help man to beat his vision into the shape he has ever pictured it to be. It is worthy of note that discipline can help man to easily live a lifestyle that suits the fulfilment of his vision.

  • Diligence

Discipline streamlines one’s behaviour towards the fulfilment of one’s vision while diligence keeps man focus and helps him to hit harder. Note that if you want to know a man whose vision is not in mere diction examine their level of commitment. Diligence is the oil that keeps you going in the face of serious oppositions. Only trees that take roots bear fruits and bear in mind that trees do not produce sturdy roots in a day. What blesses you is not the level of the complexity of your vision but your diligence to making it become an entity. Your diligence is a dose of a careful blending of passion, patience, hope, perseverance and commitment.

  • Dedication

What are you sold out to?
What do you live for?
What solution does your existence stand to provide?

Why is your existence crucial at this time to earthly creatures?
What is the reason for your existence?
Is there anything unique about your life that’s capable of blessing mortal beings?
Who are your existence set to liberate?
What value does/will your vision add to human lives?
Is the projected outcome of your vision an answer to somebody else’s request?

Note that your ability to unravel these aforementioned questions will enable you to know how important your existence is. Joseph was totally sold out to his destiny such that his level of diligence rapidly made him to ascend the throne of leadership even in the land of slavery; Potiphar left the care of his entire house in his hand and even the king.

Do you have a dream?
Who do you see yourself becoming?
Do you think they are just mere words put together?
How do you handle your vision?



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