Fulfilment and not engagement

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Everybody wants to be engaged but only few consider fulfilment. Many people run to the desert and say that they are busy without any notable achievement; some look for serenity and dived into calamities. We should get this registered within ourselves that many things might actually get us engaged but all might not bring us fulfilment.


Billiga Webbhotell

Success is not an end but a means to an end; it is only a reflection to the fact that a goal set has been achieved. The laxity of many come in full dose whenever success is attained. If the one (God) you’re representing says he will not hold forth, why will you wait till nemesis catch up with you?
If you are still proud of yesterday’s success today or the thought about your achievement yesterday heavily consumes you today, then, you have not invested today in anything worthwhile that is worthy of making you proud of yourself or deserves to be talked about. Note that immediately David defeated the ancient Philistine’s warrior (Goliath) his thought and talk about his prior victories about the killing of the bear and wild lions while he was performing his duty as a shepherd in the wilderness hastily vaporized and the current victory rapidly became the talk of the town, although, the record of his earlier victories were properly kept for future references.

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Vision is the link between natural conception and the intentions of God upon a life; vision is the ability to caught into the mystery of God’s upon a life by raising one’s spiritual antenna above other beings to catch the main truth about one’s identity I.e. knowing what the heaven is saying about the reason for one’s creation. Vision can also be the image of the future formed on the mind of people when the intention of God about one’s life is successfully known.

Whatever you have in your heart will determine what God will put in your hands.

Note that whatever it is that you will become in life will happen to you twice; in dream or vision and in reality- visions and dreams are the seal to reality. If you do not have a dream that gives you a clear picture of your future, your mind might automatically conform with the odious sayings of men about you in which you will continuously ruminate upon.

Bear in mind that if your vision is great enough, it can create position for you no matter how stuffy everywhere might seem to be. Joseph’s vision created a position for him in the palace of Pharaoh, while before and after his tenure (time of reigning) no one to occupy such position. Daniel’s vision created a position for him in the land of Babylon, and he was appointed as a head even in a strange land- whatever (vision; greatness) you can’t see, you might be. An engaged vision will launch you from where you are to where you belong for relevance and manifestation. The greatness that Jacob (Israel) enjoy was not born out of laxity but out of an engaged vision, and he’s known till today. When you have a dream or vision and you engage or operationalize it, your life can never remain dim (unknown) but it will rather give (deliver unto you) you fulfilment and not engagement.

Believe me that chasing after engagement will be the most suitable option only for those without dream or vision.

It was very easy for Jacob to easily take authority over his possession when he was almost being jilted by Laban because of his dream.
The greatest attack that can happen to any man is to abandon his vision and start doing things at random because it won’t work. Provision is only made available for the establishment of a vision, therefore, a man without vision or the one that abandons his vision will suffer from lack of provision.

Note that vision will make you a solution but seeking to have a mere engagement to earn your living (to be occupied) will render you to be nothing other than a hired servant engaged to fulfil the intention and conceptions of others. An engaged vision will utilize and optimize your unique abilities and take you to where you will be appreciated and fully rewarded but a mere engagement might not even recognize your unique abilities let alone engaging it and the pathway to having a full joy is the resultant effect of a fulfilled life.



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