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Bear in mind that a mere engagement cannot take you the place of absolute rest but a fulfilled vision and this alone can give you a total joy.
Job can get you engaged but an engaged vision (God) can get you fulfilled. Never attempt to pay a ridiculous price in exchange for destiny. Rather than for you to esteem the greater riches in your destiny which is capable of bringing you to fulfilment more excellently than the limited financial wealth your engagement can deliver to you, do not decide to embrace the God of wealth, which is Mammon.

The price your engagement can pay you in exchange for your fulfilment is totally absurd; it is not worth it. Note that such a price is too meagre for anyone to accept in exchange for his eternal destiny.

Joseph was about to be wooed into this by Potiphar’s wife, but he swiftly, by the wisdom of God, identified the trick of the devil to limit his reign and authority only to the compound of Potiphar (his master). He would have been fully engaged in the house of Potiphar (enjoying a pseudo freedom) but outrightly displaced from the place of destiny and purpose which can only earn him an adequate relevance and fulfilment. Joseph observed that if he should succumb to the advances of the agent of darkness living under the roof of Potiphar that was about to be used to get him engaged in immorality, she will automatically drag him away from fulfilment and whatever echelon he might attain in the authority ranking of the house of Potiphar via the recommendations of his dear wife, he will still remain under her authority and any day he therefore disobeys her, he’s gone. No matter the amount of latitude engagement might give, you will still be under its authority and strictly abide and that’s why workers in any formal organisation cannot just do things as occasion serve them but according to the laid down rules and regulations of the organisation.

You’re not to go to school because others are going in order to be able to boast among them also but because that’s one of the prepared means to validate your reason for existence.

Jesus too was never exempted from being cajoled after his forty days and night fasting into submitting his main reason for existence which will bring him fulfilment just for mere engagement by restricting his authority just to the whole earth by the devil when it is meant for him to take authority in heaven, earth and beneath the earth.

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What about Esau, because he could not control the urge to get his empty belly engaged, he without any iota of remorsefulness, sold out his blazing destiny for a ridiculous price of a plate of porridge simply because of his unbridled desire for food.

Fulfilment does not give room for imitation but engagement does. It is better to learn of the zeal and inculcate such habit and not directly do what the person does. The fact that you see somebody singing, for example, in church with utmost zeal and such a person commands the love of great crowd doesn’t also give you the licence to join choral group that you might also command the same honour like her when that is not your place of calling. Such a move is for engagement and not fulfilment and it is can breed jealously and enmity if you finally end up not commanding the same honour as he/she does. But if you long for fulfilment, you will long for a greater portion of the spirit she uses in commanding result in her place of calling that you might do more in your area. Note that if you chase engagement at the expense of fulfilment, you will end up living a despicable life.



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