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Life is beautiful, most especially, planet ‘earth’, although the beauty of heaven (our sweet home) supersedes it. One of the planets where living creatures can easily thrive with little or no struggle is planet ‘earth.’ Being on earth is not an accident even if the events surrounding your birth presented it to be accidental but for a course. Note that the euphoria of embarking on a journey will hastily vaporize no matter how interesting it is in the beginning and gradually tends towards becoming boring if the journey is without a course. I must tell you that there is no better word to describe planet ‘earth’ other than hell to a man whose course on earth is not known to him because almost everything around him will seem to be working against him. Bear in mind that when a course is not known, any direction you turn to will seem to be the right way and results are usually not worth assessing.

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Formal education will only make you learned, it cannot reveal your identity to you. Your identity is not determined by your physique or your attire but that which you’re pregnant of and want to release to several generations of people to impact and liberate them.
In every man, there is a seed; in every seed, there’s a potential of bringing forth tree; and in every tree is the potential to bring forth multitude of fruits to feed generations of people. Bear in mind that it takes multitude to subdue the earth. The king is honoured by the assembly of multitude. Kingly authority becomes reverenced and activated when there are people rule over. Note that the greatest conviction you can ever have about your identity will occur via your personal revelation and the personal encounter you with God- salvation. Expose yourself to the right type of education that enhance your content rather than to brainwash you of your identity or coerce you into giving in to a lower version of your natural worth; when a course is not known, any direction one take becomes acceptable and result becomes non accessible.

How do I find my course?
In order to navigate your way through to what your earthly course might seem to be, these salient questions can guide you through.

  • What do I have passion for?

Note that God didn’t create you to be a spectator on earth but to be the one that men will gather to watch when you start doing exploits.

A writer once said ‘when we don’t have a sense of destiny, we usually find ourselves in a ditch.’ There must be something you’re always burning for in which if you’re privilege to package it, you can use it to bless generations of people. When you pursue what you have passion for, it will give you confidence about future. The only chance of succeeding in life is to love what you do and do what you love. Great and successful people on earth are loaded with passion; in whatever you do without passion, you will find it difficult to attain success because passion is a careful blending of the dose of tenacity, strength, endurance, focus, patience, and perseverance. Passion gives you the foresight to see the end from the beginning i.e. seeing the crown set before you prior to the commencement of the race that you might run well and never be distracted.

  • What ignites your passion?

There is no smoke without a burning fire. Many people embark on a wrong course of life and still vowed for the accomplishments because they were ignorant of devil’s intention for their lives; they gathered all their efforts and resources to chase the course until they got to the end of the road and discover that it is a way to tame their destiny into eternal destruction. Gehazi said “…but as the Lord liveth, I will run after him and take somewhat of him.”

There is always something that triggers your fire and easily get you tensed, lose, and uncontrollable to ensure that things are done properly. Bear in mind that every created being on earth is a solution and an answer to a particular request of some creatures. There is nothing earthly creatures are daily crying to God for that has not been released to the earth already but the only issue is the ability to map the seeker with the one that already has it in possession. When a solution bearer finds problem that are similar to the solution he’s loaded with, he will easily become ignited, tensed and uncontrollable to solve such a problem. Business have been launched because someone was frustrated by inferior services from existing companies. People who have found their God-given destiny are doing what is natural to them. Take for instance, Moses in the scripture was just walking round the compound one evening and saw an Egyptian mercilessly beating one of the Hebrews and when he saw it he was uncontrollably annoyed even to the extent that he beat the Egyptian till death. Although, Moses never knew what he was doing at the moment but at the sight of cheat, injustice, maltreatment and unruly discipline of the people of God, his passion was triggered to curb a continuous occurrence of such which finally led him to becoming the one God chose to use in delivering his people from the land of slavery (Egypt) and Moses had the largest congregation of his time and his name was heard all around.

  • What is it that you can invest the whole of your life in?

Seasons and times might change but rather than your love for this pursuit to dwindle it keeps escalating in a geometric rate. Critically peruse your life and search out that thing that takes most of your time and you think you can invest the whole of your life in which can also solve some basic societal problem; your infilling must be a solution to a problem. Your daily tight schedules does not prevent you from observing it even when your body breaks down, you cannot still put away the thought about it such that it has almost formed the bulk of your life.

  • Where do you bring forth fruit and what do you derive pleasure in doing?

Whatever you do without anybody coercing you and constantly yields fruit that benefit earthly creatures even when you are not being paid for it is capable of taking you to a greater height; do not desert it. Anything that flows naturally out of you and yields fruit is a link to greatness; fertilize it. Don’t allow anything to take away your gaze from where you bear fruit the most- imitation is limitation.

  • What has mature Christians observe in you?

It is not everyone called Christian that is mature. Age or height is never a determinant of maturity. Attending church services often doesn’t mean a Christian is mature but those that have fully yielded themselves to the full leading of the Holy spirit I.e. raised their spiritual antenna to receive the current facts of the heaven. You’re not alone, God will bring you around people to help you on your destiny course but do not totally really on them in making your decision.

  • What Holy spirit says to you

The holy spirit is the spirit of truth that is always ready not to hide any truth from us if we long to know them. God has a way of letting you know what is right or wrong- it’s a green light inside of us.



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