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It is important to note that if your family won’t be relevant in your ministry, he (God) wouldn’t have allowed them to come in place (into your life).

And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Genesis 2:15

After man was created, he gave him a purpose (ministry) to fulfil but for him not be overworked mentally, drained physically, wearied spiritually and in other areas, he (God) had to institute a family becomes its essence becomes essential

Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him. Genesis 2:18

If you have a godly purpose to fulfil and you make no effort to dive out of the will of God, he will surely give you a family that will never antagonise the existence of your purpose but rather join hands to stage and fulfil your purpose (ministry). If you miss the family that heaven has instituted to lend you helping hands in the fulfilment f your purpose (ministry), you might end up not fulfilling purpose. Note that God will never give you a ministry and give you a destructive family if you follow his path. Of a truth, Moses was recorded a successful minister in his time because he never discards the importance of his family in his ministry. He could have suffered from a lot of body ailment because he longed to ensure that all was well done, but he was at the same time wearing himself out but via the recognition of the input of his family (father-in-law), he was able to give more attention unto the main mission.

Let’s examine the life of a mighty man of God who care-less about his family and the children ended up trading his long-range built integrity for material gains.

1 Samuel 1:12-20
Prophet Eli happened to be a highly respected man of God in the land as of then; his words were not void of authority- heaven honoured his words. Mighty miracles were done through him; several lives that came in contact with him were filled with bundle of testimonies. But in spite of his great achievement in the ministry, his home was an epitome of a disgusting drainage. His children were nothing other than a mighty dent on the garment of his ministry. He was so much preoccupied with ministerial affairs such that he gave little or not attention to his family any longer. Bear in mind that no matter how great your achievement in purpose (ministry) might seem to be, your home is never exempted of the ministry you are going to account for in the last day; Care for them jealously.

1 Samuel 3:9 Eli gave meticulous attention to grooming other people’s children, although, for the lord, but his home never caught his attention. 1 Samuel 2:12 The children lived their lives base on intuition (what they thought it was right)
1 Samuel 2:22-26 The father (Eli) was so much preoccupied to the extent that he’d never noticed the way of life of his children and curb it not until the news spread round the whole Israel and got back to him. Buy as at then it was too late to control those children because Eli was Already aged. Do not let your negligence about the welfare of your home create loopholes such that it can attract the rage of God against your home. Never attempt to be so much engrossed with the so called ministry (purpose) even to the extent that you leave the care of your family into the hands of a stranger called house-maid. Remember that many deadly evil spirits today have their ways into many families or to lives of many children through the negligence of their parents. We make effort to spend as much as we can to give our children formal education, because we believe that it’s a way of building a lasting future for them, but we care less or not at all for their moral and spiritual education which is the only easiest way to give the life eternal.



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