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Ministry or job is not a reason for you to allow nemesis to catch up with your family. Note that your family is the first ministry committed into your care and any ministry you might thereafter be called into is just an extension of your prior given (family) ministry which does not call for the jettisoning of your earlier ministry. Your continuous faithfulness and commitment to your earlier ministry will successfully determine the success and longevity of your subsequent ministry. Your family is never a burden to your ministry or employment; they are the foundation upon which the subsequent success of your ministries will be built upon.

Do not be so much engrossed in activities such that you commit your family into the hands of inactivity. Never attempt to, by your hands, or self acclaimed commitment to work and ministry, invite the presence or deliver the coordination of the activities of your family into the hands of the devil. Is it not worth it that work or acclaimed ministry should make your essence and presence irrelevant in your home; be watchful.

God is never an author of confusion. He will not give you blessing in order to pull you away from the right track; he will not take you to the top to expose your weakness- he will rather work on your weaknesses while in the valley. God will never use greatness or wealth to lure you into the hands of those seeking after your soul relentlessly. God will never give you ministry to make your essence useless in your family or to replace the peace and joy of your family with rancour and strife. He (God) will never give you ministry or promotion (even in your place of employment) to create loopholes into your family but to rather mend the sighted discrepancy. It is worthy to note that when a ministry or job is creating a wide and noticeable vacuum within a family, it is either the ministry or job is not from God which is to tame you out of God’s will or it’s been wrongly handled- every new promotion given to a family is predicated on the extension of unity. Bear in mind that whenever God opens a door (ministries, employment, opportunities) unto you, he only did that to initiate better cooperation and coordination so that all can come together to perform their duties as a member of the family to sustain and maintain the great doors.

Lack of faithfulness makes many to easily slip away when doors of greatness are opened, and they hastily fall victim of making their families irrelevant in their new successes and promotions.

Never attempt to operate like the mother of the chicks whose concern about the welfare of the chicks is not absolute (although, it takes care of them; warm them by keeping them under its feather when it is cold and signals to them at the sense of danger but usually leave them behind of which it is difficult for it to easily see whatever happens to them from behind) but rather operate like a duck whose pride is rooted in a meticulous action of watching over its young ones by placing them forward; always want to put their interest first. Never see your family as unimportant in the work of God (ministry) you’ve been called to fulfil because you’re the called or the job you’re employed for because you’re the employee. Bear in mind that they might not have a tangible contribution to those things but your failure to carry them along might make all your relentless effort go unrewarded. The failure of many at their duty posts (ministry or job) is caused by nothing other than their inability to mange their homes while being effective and efficient at their duty Posts.

Ministry or jobs doesn’t exempt you from performing your role actively in the family or makes you to leave your role to your spouse as this will only make you to lose your value and respect hastily because you were no where to be found when needed the most because of your self acclaimed job or ministry.



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