Heap of Soil 2

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People you do not expect might intentionally heap soil upon your seed without feeling remorse because they wanted to quench the ability of your seeds but that’s not the end of such seed for its coming afresh and beautiful again. The case of Joseph was an epitome of this. The set of people that was meant to be his guidance were even the one that stripped him naked, they initiated the heap of soil thinking that such a move will extinguish the potentials of his seeds. It was as if it was not enough after he’s been able to surmount the manifestation of the first heap of soil by securing the favour of his master, Pharaoh, but the wife was rapidly hired to initiate another set of heap of soil because it’s of a truth that if the seed is not appropriately covered by the soil, it might not effectively produce up to the projected output then, she (Potiphar‘s wife) was hired to invent another heap of soil which was actually the exit door to the place of Joseph’s manifestation because he patiently went through all.

The three Hebrews too were also caught by this. The decree of the king of the land was a great constrain to them as it placed them in a great situation to choose between their God and the gods of the land but since they perfectly understood the situation to be nothing but just a heap of soil to prove the efficacy of their God to the Babylonian, they refused to succumb and finally the victory was won.

Hamaan sought even the advice of friends and family to determine how great the heap of soil (gallows to hang the Hebrews on the 13th day of the 12th month of the year) of sand he should prepare for Modecai and his people (Hebrew) should be but unknown to him that it was to his destruction and to the elevation of the people of God. When the heap of soil came upon the seeds of the Hebrews, their seeds even gained a royal approval of king Ahasuerus but Hamaan with his plot was only going to help the entire Hebrew in the land to gain a royal recognition because they’ve refused to exalt themselves despite the fact that they had unconstrained access to the ruling power through Queen Esther, but since it’s time to be recognized, celebrated and rewarded, somebody (Hamaan) had to initiate the heap of soil needed for the seed of their manifestation to effectively germinate.

Since the time people Hebrew of Israel needed to get their promise land is at hand, then, the heap of soil is needed and there arose a new king that knew not Joseph who set a very great task master upon the people of God to afflict them. They made them worked for their people unrewarded but unfortunately for the Egyptians when the day was fully come, all their (Israelites) labour that was not rewarded for years by the Egyptians were being paid for in a day not even with local currencies and the Israelites left Egypt with articles of gold and of silver. Note that heap of soil cannot be successfully ruled out in the journey of a seed with potential that must feed generations of people because it’s the passage to the place of manifestation and its exit door is the entrance to the place of relevance



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