Heap of Soil

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According to the English dictionary, a heap of soil refers to a pile of mass collection of things laid in a body, or thrown together to form an elevation; as a heap of earth or stones.

No seed will grow to become a great tree that is capable of giving shades to creatures and provides daily meals to several others will be able to successfully evade the presence of a heap of soil upon them. Heap of soil upon seeds with potentials is a roadmap to the manifestation of the real identity of the uniqueness of the seeds. No seed, no matter how potentially loaded it might be, that is nakedly exposed to the earth without any heap of sand upon them no matter how little it might be, that will successfully germinate let alone bringing forth fruits to feed generations of people.

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Any seed without a heap of soil run the risk of bring devoured by the fowls of the air, or being destroyed by the feet of mortals or run the risk of being burnt by the scorching sun, therefore, it can be concluded that every heap of sand can help to safeguard any seed with potentials from all these aforementioned exposure whose effect can be adverse on its worth and potentials.

The same applies to every man loaded with possible solutions (seeds) unto generations of people; the uniqueness of every man’s identity is rooted in the content of their seeds which invariably determines their worth and it will remain unrecognised, uncelebrated, and unrewarded without the presence of a heap of sand. The uniqueness of a man is not determined by the amount of ‘designers’ they wear or their physique but the amount of solutions they can effectively provide through the right applications of the content of their seeds.

Every seed requires a heap of soil to germinate no matter how little it might be, therefore, any seed that struggles to evade the presence of sand is on a mission to exterminate the content of its seeds and make its existence a waste.

Heap of soil here represents every situation that sometimes surfaces on our path and might want to have our heads bow and the seeds stand for our potentials. On the quest for manifestation of any seed, when heap of soil manifests, it should be counted as a thing of joy for the seed because it is one of the crucial things needed for its manifestation to be announced and existence worthwhile. Great situations that you have little or no control over might suddenly heap itself upon you or your seed as if there is no hope for it (seed) because in their (challenges) own thoughts they have successfully buried your potentials but I have news of joy for you that the real potential of any seed will remain unknown to generations of people without the presence of heap of soil upon it. The heap of sand will utterly heat it up even to the extent that the seed remains without strength (decayed) and unpresentable and the initiator of the heap of soil will then be jubilating that the deed has been successfully done. But unfortunately for the heap of soil, even though the seed died in it, at the smell of water, it will bud afresh again and become mighty in such a way that it brings forth fruits to feed generations of people.

Heap of soil to the apostles after the departure of Jesus Christ became mighty upon their seeds at the full arrival of the Holy Ghost upon them which greatly exposed the early church to a great persecution because of those miracles that were done through them but it was just a means to give room to a notorious and viral publication of the gospel news.

Jesus too was not exempted from experiencing a heap of soil in his ministerial journey before he could successfully manifest. He was rejected by his kindred, sold by one of his trusted committees and even demanded that he was killed instead of Barabbas by the same set of people he fed in the marriage feast with wonderful wine, in the wilderness with five loaves of bread and two fishes and the people he had all through his life taught the word of the truth but at the end, the son of man was glorified. They gathered all their knowledge, resources and effort to conspire against him and happily nailed him to the cross without remorse because they were right in their sight since they’ve been blindfolded by the devil. They thought that they were bringing Jesus’ potentials down but unknown to them that they were only on a mission to make it more vivid to generations of people. And as Jesus’ blood touched the ground, the deed was done, and he said it’s finished and at the same hour, devil cried out. What a great irony! Had it been that devil knew all he was doing to Jesus was only going to make the gospel news and salvation more effective on earth, he wouldn’t have allowed the crucifixion of Jesus, but he was blindfolded and hired to fulfil God’s will.



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