Does abortion solve a known problem or creates a new one?

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Before you embark of the journey of aborting that pregnancy, get this registered within yourself.
No pregnancy is a mistake, even till the one (Jesus) invented by the holy spirit, they all have a take in God’s plan. In order to get God’s approval to your request by appending his signature on your form you have to work in line with his will. It is therefore worthy that we register this within ourselves that he that sleeps with a woman automatically calls for a baby. It is nothing but acting like a rogue, deceiver, killer and a traitor when man after successfully lying in bed with a woman or young lady to have sexual intercourse and the intercourse brought about a distinctive reward (pregnancy) and the man became ferocious at the woman has been so faithful hitherto saying that he never knew such a thing, which was not more than once or twice could result into a great protuberance of the belly of the woman; deception.

Don’t you know that the moment you both lied together in bed for that act, you were invariably doing nothing other than entering into a contract with God that you were going to be a channel through which one of the solutions he has for the planet ‘Earth’ will be unleashed? The moment the testis releases the spermatozoa and it passes through the urethra and finally being discharged into the vagina, it will do nothing but to speedily locate the hiding place of the ovary and break it, then, the journey to manifestation and new existence begins.

How do I know that every pregnancy is a contract between man and God and bringing forth children the fulfilment of bringing forth a solution created by him to earth? It is not your will to determine if the intercourse will lead to pregnancy or not; it is not your will to determine the gender, and the physique of the unborn baby but him that has chosen you as a medium through which solutions for mankind created by him will be released.

Whenever you embark on a journey to abort any pregnancy because you want to avoid the music of the shame, you have done nothing but successfully breached the contract between you and God and the aggrieved party (God)has the right to sue the other party (you and your spouse) that has through their negligence, inflicted such a great pain on them for charges. The pain and affliction that many family go through on earth was never caused by the enemy, and they derive pleasure in cursing the enemy in prayers but unknown to them that they are the enemy of themselves; crying for a genuine forgiveness with a remorseful and repented act is the only way out.

To man, any pregnancy that is not planned for materially, although, emotional aggravation brought it into being, is unwanted because it can bring shame and therefore needs to be terminated. It is a mistake to man and any mistake to the flesh can bring disgrace if not hastily corrected in its own way but God sees it as an approved contract between man and God which must be properly executed. The fact that the pregnancy came into being which does not have a rational interpretation, although, you had an inter course but never expected any pregnancy, made it a miracle which is the way and nature of God. The pain and the affliction of many family stemmed from a successful breach of contract between them and God when they think that they are just trying to make their wrong right (no two wrongs make a right: you committed adultery or fornication and it led to pregnancy, then, abortion is never a solution) again or justifying their negligence and God will never spare them but sue them for charges upon a breach of contract, hence, rancorous home. It is not worth it to face the music of shame like the mother of Jesus (Mary), because it was a shameful thing for a woman although betrothed to man but yet officially married to get pregnant, than to deliberately and majestically (because you want to cover up and clean your mess) walk yourself into the wrath of the Lord?

Note that in as much as you’ve never considered your age, background, or status before diving into entering a contract (sexual intercourse) with God in being a channel through which a solution (children) created by him can be released to the earth which is against the ruling societal belief and idea at the moment, then, you shouldn’t be hypocritical either to man or God by making effort to cover up your mess (abortion) but rather go through and happily receive whatever returns it brings to you from the mouth of the people of your society.



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