Does abortion solve a known problem or creates a new one? 3

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Rebelling against the Lord in our society today has become very immense through the gospel of many medical practitioners which is aimed at stirring the heart of men against his will and end up luring themselves into the wrath of God.

No pregnancy is unwanted, you called for it and it’s a rare privilege to have the heritage of God in your custody.

The act of rebellion (abortion) against God has even become legalised in many nations and even being backed up by several justifiable proofs which invariable makes sinning against God more attractive and seductive because it is recognized by the laws of the land and people are elated for such a swift move.

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Every child given birth to were created in the image of God therefore they are the sons and daughters of God. Mary the mother of Jesus had been betrothed to Joseph but yet to be declared husband and wife officially and it’s against the laws of the land to be found sleeping with the man you are yet married to let alone being found carrying the baby of such a person, then, such a person deserves to be stoned to death because it’s their belief that it’s a disgrace to them in the land. But here is an issue that has majestically presented Mary’s life for the operation of untimely death by being stoned to death (which was in their code of law) because she’d ‘indulged’ in such a shameful act and now found with pregnancy when she’s yet officially married. The thought about this latest development in her life had given her a serious and several days of sleepless night. The only hope and consolation she’d left was to discuss the matter (issue of pregnancy) with her intending hubby that they might both know the next line of action but this was automatically dashed because Joseph too was trying to safe both his life and his family’s head from untimely death, and he was trying to part way with her secretly knowing full well that he’s responsible for the pregnancy, and he’s not ready to take a full responsibility of such and expose himself to a great danger of the code of law. But Mary beloved, even against hope (Romans 4:18). The belly never ceased protruding but it’s a ‘shameful’ element, and she’s seriously looking for a way to rapidly get out of the mess. It became a great secret she found difficult to discuss even with parents because it seemed incredible and no one will be ready to listen to her excuses. The pregnancy continuously became mighty and glaring but never because of her biased position thought of aborting the pregnancy or make an attempt to manipulate its existence but rather join hands with her intending husband to preserve the unborn baby in all ways after several convictions from the Holy spirit which made the event even that led to the pregnancy credible. Bear in mind that the existence of Jesus through this unrecognised family created rooms for their names to be brought to books and there were no any other children of theirs that was made reference to any longer which invariably meant that their existence would have passed away unrecognised, uncelebrated and unrewarded but the existence of Jesus added a great feather to the caps of their names which was a great experience that their family and the whole earth can never recover from even till today. In the same wise, if you want your existence not to go unrecognised, uncelebrated and unrewarded, you therefore need the existence and constant presence of Jesus in your life.

Pregnancy became an element of fear (the greatest weapon in the armour of the devil) that almost every Hebrew woman wanted to do away with because of the latest decree of the ruling king in the land. It engulfed the mind of almost all the Israelites with fear and trembling because every pregnant woman was afraid of giving birth to a male child since it will not be allowed to survive in the hands of the midwives of the Egyptians. Those that just conceived hurriedly wanted to do away with the pregnancy, those that just got married were scared of getting pregnant and the ones that theirs were closer to its deliver date were in great fear and trembling and some were already mourning their unborn baby since they were ignorant of the sex of the unborn baby. It’s so pathetic that it was also this same era of a very active proliferation of this decree that Jochebed (Moses’ mother) conceived his pregnancy. What an impasse! This pregnancy had come to stay. She never wanted to lose the baby to the oppositions being her first pregnancy, therefore, abortion was never an option, hence, she found herself wallowing in the shadow of death. Without doubt, there would have been several certified level of advice from family, friends and acquaintances that she should rapidly do away with the pregnancy even at its early stage (when it’s yet known) rather than going through the whole nine-month pain and ends up losing the baby to their adversary, but she yielded not. She applied all the method she could use to ensure that the baby was safe even till three months after birth after which she took a step of faith and applied God’s wisdom in ensuring that the baby get into a very safe hand. Devil foreknew the existence of Moses and that his earthly mission was to come and fulfil the word of the lord regarding the deliverance of the people of Israel from their land of slavery, but he swiftly wanted to hire the king in power and the sentimental opinion of his parents to make an utter end to his existence thereby extending the years of slavery of the people of God. Bear in mind that had it been that Moses’ parents had surrendered their thoughts to be ruled by such a sentimental and earthly justifiable reasons, Israelites years of toiling might have been elongated but God’s wisdom prevailed by preserving even his called (Moses) through the hands of his adversaries (Pharaoh’s daughter).

Judges 13:9-14
Note that it’s not until an Angel descend from heaven to tell you something tantalising about your unborn child like Monoa and his wife, Joseph and Mary, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Abraham and Sarah before you know that every pregnancy stem from God, and they grow to become children, even solutions unto generations of people.
Beware of any pregnancy that puts you in a tight corner with a seductive thought of aborting it. Note that they are usually an embodiment of great solution unto generations of people and devil is on a mission to hire you in aborting such a mission that the solution might not be revealed into generations of people.



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