Does abortion solve a known problem or creates a new one? 2

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In our today’s word, sin has been redressed and painted with many colours which makes it more attractive and unidentifiable as sin any longer to many because if its modern day beauty and appearance such that many people now want to cheaply subscribe to its mailing list that they might constantly receive its latest publication. Sin has no attractive name other than sin; Satan identification number. Once you fall into it and fail to hastily withdraw by reconciling yourself with your creator, your presence in devil’s kingdom and being his committed follower is automatically announced.

Samuel O. Kuye says “the fact that sin entice thee and you consent doesn’t make you non-punishable even though you consume all the saliva produce by your hormone ptyalin to justify yourself.”

The fact that your little kid pour your last food into the sand doesn’t exempt him from being beaten, although, he might be ignorant of what he’s done but you believe that the beating will be an incision to them not to do such a thing again some other time. When God asked Adam if they’ve eaten out the fruit he commanded them not to eat, but he hastily directed the accusation to Eve (his wife) and Eve did the same by putting the blame on the serpent. We should get this registered within ourselves that the fact that either of you had suggested the act (abortion) because the return (pregnancy) of your emotional conjugation seem to be shameful but that’s the only way you think to be rational to cover up your mess and you consented doesn’t give you the latitude of going without some lashes of ‘strokes.’

No building can stand before any earthquake; no ship can survive a raging sea except by grace; no man can stand the rage of the Almighty (Psalm 29:3-10). If children are the heritage of the Lord and you, just a mere mortal, because of your sentiment and the relief you want for yourself deliberately and remorselessly kill the heritage (children) of the lord in his own sight because he’s sluggish to anger and even boasting and how perfectly done the act (abortion) was, what do you expect of him as the heavenly parent? Fold his arms and keep watching while mortal beings embark on the journey of annihilating his heritage without avenging the guiltless soul? If you’re to be the one what would you have done? Don’t you know that it’s a graceful act of the lord to be chosen to be a channel through which the heritage and solution of the lord will be released to the planet earth?

Note that it will be very easy for people to insult you and you feel bad for yourself because of your current situation while they feel elated because their words of insult gain grounds in your mind when you believe not in what you know about your enablement.

Any abortion performed by any man is nothing but a vision successfully destroyed and a solution that was happily terminated.

Every being on earth is a solution created by God and not a mistake created by parents unto generations of people. He who commits abortion is a deceiver because they lured God into entering a contract of discharging his blessing to the earth through them, but they secretly retract from the contract without an approval from God or getting his consent; an abortionist is a rogue: they through their craftiness manipulate the solution created by God to be given to the earth by double-crossing its existence and elongating the years of toiling of many creatures. He that sees nothing bad in committing abortion is a killer.

Abortion is an executed conspiracy against the heritage of the lord by the one (the intending father and mother) who is expected to be in custody of the heritage of the lord and the executor of the abortion exercise.

God will never spare anyone that’s involved in the conspiracy because he who conspired against God’s heritage ventured into a great conspiracy against the lord (Nahum 1:9).
God cannot be mocked, therefore, he that sows to the flesh shall reap corruption, and he that sows to the spirit shall reap life eternal.



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