God is the originator of purpose

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Any earthly-inclined executable purpose is never exempted of heavenly manufacturing and configuration, no matter how minute or gigantic it might be. You were made in heaven, born to your country and sent to the whole world. God is the originator of every godly purpose on earth and not parents. Note that your parents are not the inventor of your earthly purpose, but they are only prepared to be around you to act as guidance to the discovery and fulfilment of purpose.

Your destined purpose is not an earthly conception but a heavenly intention.

Life is a mystery and the ability to unravel the mystery makes it easy to have every situation under your feet. If you want to see the failure of a man of God, let him go to where God has not sent him, then, he will call upon God and it will be like God had travelled- A case of Samson.

It becomes very impossible for every mortal being, prior to their birth, to determine where (place of birth, country of birth, background etc.) they want to find themselves at birth because it is not in their capacity to determine that but God since there is an essence for their existence.

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The failure of many becomes initiated the moment they start counting on their earthly parents (Read more: the parent-less children) as the foundation of their life designed purposes; they are only endowed with the grace to guide you through the journey of purpose discovery. Note that to him who has been given an assignment (earthly purpose) to execute, anything done in the course of purpose execution independently of the originator (God) is nothing but a colossal failure.
The moment you start looking unto the guidance for the fulfilment of your earthly designed purpose and successfully shifted your attention away from the originator simply because you perceive that your guidance (parents) have the financial capacity, connection and resources (whatsoever needed) is exactly the moment your failure to tame success in your journey to fulfilment began. It is worthy of note that many people on planet “Earth” at birth found themselves in a place (region, country, family, or backgrounds) they wouldn’t have wanted to be if there has been privileges to choose between alternatives of places to be on earth prior to individual person’s birth; some places will be overcrowded, while some will be on averages and the rest nothing to write home about.

Many people continuously live a remorseful life and constantly have a traumatic experience of being on earth (they are frustrated) simply because they think their patents are the originator of their earthly purpose and journey. Although, of a truth, without the mating of your parents, there can’t be the pregnancy that led to your birth but note that if the lord had not approved the two gametes, it wouldn’t have led to that pregnancy that originated your existence. It is always very evident in the words of such children and one of their utterances includes “what kind of life are you offering me? Since you know that you can’t take care of me, why do you give birth to me?” They rapidly become embittered when the responsibilities that are expected of them to perform towards them are not forthcoming. But may I tell you that your parents are too broke to be the financier of your existence no matter how financially buoyant they might seem to be, but they are only acting as the channel (gateway) through which your existence can be financed; children are the heritage of the lord (psalm 127: 3)

You are not an evolutionary mistake with no compass for direction of purpose like animals as the scientists had claimed that human beings are; you’re not from the order of baboons, believing in that is nothing but a cacophonous jabber to the fulfilment of destiny.

Of a truth, there’s no doubt about the fact that your parents had the intentions of giving birth to you (consciously or subconsciously) because it’s a known fact that (whether believable or not) that whosoever sleeps with a woman or damsel calls for a baby. It might even occur that your parents were so sensitive to the extent that they have named the unborn pregnancy even prior to his birth. But they never said to God the complexion, sex (even if it’s done in prayer, it is only if God choose to but although the scientists try to prove it through their chromosomal theories but God’s the final say), the height, the size, the amount of wisdom, skill and talents (although some might be hereditary) but after your parents have done their gametic invocation, God has to step in to determine the best creature (being) that will be able to effectively execute his current intentions on earth, and so you were born. God foreknew every tribulation you’re going through at present even before you were born, and he knows that you will be able to overcome the challenges and that’s what makes your essence on earth crucial, therefore, compromising is not an option because that will amount to nothing other than dashing God’s hope on you (Read: the solution bearer).

Why was Jesus’ response to Mary and Joseph (his earthly parents) when they came back looking for him, and they found him in the temple teaching people? When Jesus was told that his parents were looking for him, without any iota of disrespect, he told them that, oh no!, you’ve done your part as the gateway to the fulfilment of destiny and it is the time for him to do the will of him that had sent him on a mission through them, by implication.
Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob, understood this, and he responded Potiphar’s wife that when she kept on pestering on her to lie with her that doing such will amount to nothing but bringing a great disappointment to God and him because he was sent on a mission to preserve generations of people as God had foreseen that great famine. But Potiphar’s wouldn’t listen to him because she was bent on aborting the plans of God for Joseph anyhow and since Joseph knew that giving in at that point is dangerous (knowing full well that he’s closer to the fulfilment of his earthly mission) he chose to face the music of Potiphar’s wife. Do not because your earthly parents (gateways) are not forthcoming as expected in any aspect of your life and deliberately, with full emotion, abort the plans of God on your life; it would have been better not to see the light of the earth let alone living there than to come in there to live for years and finally miss purpose.

This article is not to support the irresponsible acts of many parents. Note that as a parent who’s been privileged to have the heritage of the lord in their custody, it’s therefore mandatory that you effectively carry out the responsibilities you’re saddled with such that the blessings proclaimed upon him that his quiver is full of the heritage of the lord that “ Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them, they shall not be ashamed; but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” Psalm 127:5
The struggling of many parents on earth today is not born out of economic crisis, or any generational curse but it stemmed from their lackadaisical attitude towards the heritage of God that’s in their custody. Note that the best and easiest way of enjoying an unending flow of the blessing of God is by taking good care of His heritage in your custody; children.

Critically peruse the lives of the minister of God that are committed to taking good care of the flocks, they are never stranded of honour; they enjoy long life and are deeply immersed in wealth e.g. Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Pastor David Oyedepo, Kenneth Copeland etc. Give your children all round education: marital, spiritual, moral, financial, formal etc. If you want to terminate struggling in a very easy way in your life in spite of the economic melt down, give an adequate care and attention to your children.



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