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If your creation is with intention and destiny designed by God, then the resources needed for the fulfilment is to be provided by God. How rational do you think it is when a contractor for a project leaves the owner of a project and move to a person (probably even struggling to get his daily meal) whose knowledge about the ongoing project is void and has not even a slight connection with the project to demand the needed finance to purchase the items needed for the execution of the project and still yelling at him that he must surely release the finance? I believe that the hungry and angry man will not spare him of a sounding slap. That’s the way many mortal beings are; they leave the originator and the expected financier (God) of their earthly purpose and start yelling at mortal beings for the release of the finance for the execution of their purpose- if it’s God’s will, then, it is God’s bill.

Matthew 6:9b “…. Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”

Although, you might be living on earth but you don’t live on a worldly account but a heavenly account. Your father in heaven is the supplier of the resources needed to fulfil your earthly purpose and not your job or government. Many people place their hope on the return from government (pension) or their works (monthly or daily income) to help the fulfilment of their earthly purposes, and they work and work all through the days of their life yet purpose remain unachieved.
It is not your will to know how he will provide but yours is to obey the instructions given to you (1kings 17:1-17).

It does not matter the person he chose to use to make available the provision (whether sane or insane; animal or human), yours is to get the resources. You’re too broke to single-handedly finance the purpose of God for your life. If a country should send a group of football players to represent them in a football competition in any other nations of the world, all expenses that might be incurred by those players in the course of their staying in that foreign nation (feeding, housing, transportation etc) will effectively be catered for by their national economy and not their host country (therefore, your finance is not dependent on the government of the host economy (earth) but by the economy you come from or representing which is heaven) because when the medal is won, the honour belongs to the nation they represented.

The song of praise of the people will be that “…Alas! Nigeria won this year’s world cup.” The name of the country will dominate the names of the players.

If a king of a town should send someone to another town to represent him on a mission for some days, the ambassador of such a king will not live on his finance for the entire days he will spend in the land where he’s been sent but on the resources of the town from which he’s been sent. Same implies to everyone on a godly mission on earth; you live on the account of God and not your parents‘.

Prior to your birth, God had sensed a particular situation on earth that requires his attention in person, but he cannot be there in person, therefore, he ordered for your creation that you might be sent to represent him. The same authority with God has been given to you, the same honour, insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, the same power and ability, and the same heart of God was immediately given to you so that the tasks can be executed unhindered, hence, you were created in his image. Gen 1:26, Psalm 82:6

Note that those that effectively follow the instruction of God in executing his purpose (your earthly mission), are never stranded of honour, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and adequate financial resources. You have been loaded with everything to operate as God in the mission given to you on earth. (John 10:30) Everywhere you step into and men see you, they see God and that’s why you are unstoppable except you choose to. You’re not expected to parade yourself to be smarter or faster than he (God) that sent you on a mission because you’re the one on the mission field (earth), remember that he’s the one in the computer room (heaven) and watches the way for you to give you timely instruction (revelation) on how to move because he’s more knowledgeable about the mission more than you and he sees event that are about to surface ahead of you.

Your mission might be like the one that is to go to the camp of the enemies to set the captives free and no matter how serene and free of guards their camps might seem to be, there are usually many unseen traps that have been set secretly to safeguard their camps so that when anyone wants to secretly break in, they can easily capture them, but he that is in the computer room, can by his knowledge of the camp direct you so that you won’t be entrapped and return safely and gloriously. Samson disobeyed instructions, even as a great ambassador, he failed woefully. Saul (the first king of the Israelites) failed instruction and lost his honour as a king; what about king Solomon, as noble as he was, the moment he hearkened to his wife’s voice And not God again, his failure was declared.

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