Foundation of Reproach

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Foundation refers to the lowest and supporting layer of a superstructure; it is usually the determinant of the lifespan of the main structure. Reproach, on the other hand refers to an element that causes disgrace or bring shame upon someone.

Foundation of reproach can therefore be described as the legal ground of the devil which is capable of bringing shame upon a life.

Before any building can stand, there must be a strong supporting element upon which the building must stand, hence, foundation. The same way it is for any reproach found in any life, before it can parade itself to be a nut that’s difficult to crack, there must be an established root for it; for any structure to have a grounded foot, then, there must be a root. Note that when the etymological meaning of any word is known, the understanding of the word is easily birthed forth no matter how critical it might be at first.

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Everyone on earth is a born scientist (although, I never stand to dispute the fact that being a scientist can also be learned as well) but just a few of the percentages of the overall being on earth has been able to live up to the standard of their potentials because they make no effort to unravel the hidden truths about their lives. Note that anything that is not discovered (recognized) cannot be celebrated and anything that remains uncelebrated will be unrewarded. You cannot get a fish of an unexplainable size in a shallow water but an ocean; keep moving till you’re able to ascertain the truth.

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One of the most recognized researcher and great record keeper is the devil. He patiently and critically look into the generational record files of an individual person on earth to look for cases that are adoptable in accusing a righteous soul that they might be entrapped.

Satan is being of secret and the only way to finish him is by getting his secret.

It is not only enough to know your enemy, it is just the beginning of the way, but also find out how to overcome him; the strategy. The enemy you do not know his secret is your senior. Remember that David’s triumph was not celebrated when he fell Goliath with his sling and stone but until he was able to chop off the head of the uncircumcised Philistine; victory is never completed until the fruit is seen.

Every average devil is a historian and a chartered legal practitioner; he’s been in the practise before the conception and birth of many. He has a good knowledge of laws and ordinances and the penalties that follow the violations, therefore, he does not hunt any soul without a prepared, grounded and verifiable accusations against them. He has a good knowledge of the history of your background even to the level of what you’re today.

It is very easy for the enemy to make plots or lay ambush against any righteous soul and also, it is quite easy for the righteous soul not to cheaply or exorbitantly fall into the planted trap of the enemy. Devils do make their evil plans in the secret and not in the open, whether to capture or destroy a righteous soul; it is always done in the bedchamber. The agenda of the evil ones are not always disclosed till their wish is accomplished but no mater how deep they have to go for their decisions to be sealed and executed upon any life, it is always translucent before God, and he will surely reveal it to a connected and an attentive righteous soul.

Note that devil does not come after any life without a prepared evidence of allegations and counter allegations to bring the person down totally such that they will become hopeless and helpless. Bear in mind that if you observe a manifestation of any hydras headed manifestation of evil works and the more you wage war against it the stronger the battle parades itself, then, it is therefore important that you find out the allegation of the devil against you in that aspect that is acting as foundation to that reproach which has given the devil the audacity to fearlessly wage war against you, and by learning the secret you will cheaply finish him.

It is of a truth that no man of faith without challenges but courage kept them going; do not misconstrue the attack of the enemy for trying times as it will only make you linger in reproach but one thing will help you to know the difference which is the truth(word of God) and there lies your liberty.



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