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Note that you won’t be calling for any confrontation of the enemy if you’re operating within the foundation of reproach that has been made for you but the moment you start struggling with the rope in the course of reaching a farther object like the monkey, then, you invariably call for the attention of the owner of the monkey. Bear in mind that there won’t be any collapse of building (provided that every needful thing has been done in the foundation) if a bungalow is built on a foundation made for a skyscraper but if a skyscraper is built on a foundation made for a bungalow, then, you call for a massive destruction.

Your foundation of reproach might give you the freedom to have the best education, a good job and a wonderful wedding ceremony but be a home without fruits and the moment they struggle out things, the child will come to stay while the mother will give up the ghost during labour because the foundation cannot contain the two at a time; one (mother) must go if one (child) must stay. Another man’s foundation of reproach might be that it will allow them to successfully labour on their children that they might become great (give them formal education and learning of diverse trade) but in spite of all efforts, nothing great will come forth from the children because their own foundation of reproach is that those parents will not be able to eat of the fruits of their labour and if the children should become great, they will surely change the story and life of their parents, and because the foundation is in operation, both the parents and the children are in wretchedness. Sometimes it might also happen that after the children had become great they will not for once think of repaying the kindness of their parents.

Let’s examine some characters in the scripture
Foundation can give one the privilege to have a great vision (picture the future) but never allow it to manifest if it is beyond the capacity of what that foundation can successfully carry.

1 Samuel 1:4-5: the reproach of Hannah (the mother of prophet Samuel), prior to the birth of Samuel, never stopped her from growing to the level of being ripe for marriage but it stopped her from having the fruit of the womb. Your foundation of reproach might not prevent you from rubbing powder or different kinds of cosmetics but the moment you attempt to build structure that is contradictory on the foundation, it then raises its hydra-head against you. Genesis 49:3-4 foundation of reproach never stopped Reuben from retaining the title of being the head of the family but the title might not be backed up with ability. Many truly have the title as the head (husband) of a family but the ability might have been withheld by the foundation of reproach.

Gen 35:18 Racheal‘s (the mother of Joseph) never prevented her from being the choice wife to Jacob but stopped her from bringing forth children and when she struggled it out, she gave up in the course of labour after giving birth to Benjamin and could not witness the day of the manifestation of Joseph’s glory. Many people might successfully bring forth the first and second children but when it gets to the third one, they lose their lives and people start clamouring that it’s devil’s attack but if critically examined, it might be the operation of foundation of reproach. 1chronicles 9:4, foundation of reproach allowed Jabez to come into being as a human but wanted to make his existence useless by placing his life at par with his predecessors
Ruth 1:5 Foundation of reproach allowed Naomi to successfully marry to Ehimelech and even gave birth to wonderful sons such that they were reared to the level of getting married as well but made her to be a widow suddenly at a tender age and witnessed the death of his children, even to the extent of not having any grandson. Foundation of reproach brings shame, limitation, struggling, failure of different form, unplanned negative and disheartening occurrences etc but having understood the concept of ‘Foundation of reproach’, then, there’s a need to know the cause and the way out.



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