Foundation of Reproach 2

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Prayer is a labour room and there won’t be any message of congratulation until a new life (baby;result) is birthed forth. Prayer room is a court room where individual person, both the plaintiff and the defendant (devil and man, God being the judge) presents and argue their cases. No accused goes to the court room without evidences to prove their innocence or justification and return home rejoicing as a Victor. Many prayers (evidences) made by violent prayer warriors have become nothing but junks (void of tenable claims) in the prayer chamber (court of law) because there are no concrete and valid evidences to prove their cases before the judge (God) to knock their oppositions (devil) to the wall and even for them to have invoked the ability of the noble lawyer (Jesus our advocate) given to all mankind; they don’t know his essence. Praying has become a hobby to many since they are yet to receive an answer to their request, it therefore becomes a repetitive action, but yet, they could not hit the point.

More so, the prayers of many is nothing but a coagulation of complaints without tenable evidences (proof in the word of God) that can grant them victory in the court of law (prayer chamber). Note that your opposition (devil) is not a novice about the operations of the court of law and how to present cases such that victory can be ascertained because he’s been appearing before the court of law for many cases and for many years even before your conception, therefore, if you must win the devil in the court of law, you must learn the wining strategy; Jesus. You cannot cut a tree down from the middle without applying salt or any other substance that can kill the existence of the remaining part of it standing on the ground and conclude that it won’t grow again because at the sense of water, it will rapidly sprout out again. This indicates the type of prayer that many sometimes pray; they cut but do not totally uproot.

Devil has successfully conquered many in several aspects of their lives and pursuits times without numbers because they go to war against the accuser (devil) blindly and there is no one that goes to war blindly and not be wounded; before any authority can surrender, a higher authority has to be in place. Devil respects his being and authority and does not hunt any life without a legally grounded allegations so that he won’t be cheaply dealt with.

“…and said to him, To you I will give all this authority and their glory, for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will. Luke 4:6 Esv”

Devil expressly explained that he has no legal right to cheaply operate on any life as it pleases him if the lordship (legal right) has not been given unto him by someone. By implication, his statement meant that I do not go beyond my boundary but if I’m given the offer to be the authority over anything, I happily accept it because that is what I pant for; extending my dominion. He was as well making an offer to Jesus, then it was left for Jesus to either accept or reject the offer.

My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. Proverbs 1:10

If no one has broken the edge, serpent cannot easily creep in to bite; if there is no household wickedness, outsiders cannot easily break in and cart away our belongings; if none of your predecessors or you had not given devil the licence to operate in your life or lineage, he cannot successfully operate there. Come to think of it, how easy could it be for a small nation like Hai to successfully defeat a covenanted and great nation like Israel if there was no sin of Achan that has cheaply sold out the people of God to destruction? Note that you cannot cheaply finish the enemy (accuser) waging war against you if you are ignorant of his secret (weakness) created by your past way of life or something you did in the secret that is ungodly or the evil done by your predecessors in the past that has become an evidence the enemy uses to make legal allegations against you because proper understanding of the legal grounds of the enemy will help you to know how to counter his evidences having being redeemed.

It is very easy for devil to make many ministers of God an object of mockery in the place of prayer while praying for people with diverse infirmities because they speedily progress into casting and binding activities without asking God about the foundation of the reproach in the spirit first (whereas the cause of the reproach might be a self-initiated affliction) and with this devil will just be laughing at them because no bullet thrown by them in prayer will even come close let alone hitting him. Many ministers have by this costly mistake lost their lives cheaply.

Can a beautiful structure, no matter how costly it is, be built on a destroyed foundation without collapsing? Although, it might stand for a time and people celebrate its presence, but its fall will be mighty. If the foundation be destroyed, what can a righteous do? A righteous should never attempt to build on such foundation without addressing the fault in the foundation and if the building had been erected and the fault is discovered, it is better to address the fault in order to avoid total loss.

Note that curse without any cause can never be in operation upon any life, come what may.

Do not let what you want to eat, even as a minister, to easily make you a prey to the enemy (expose you to danger) or make you an object of sacrifice. Learn to know the foundation of every reproach (root cause of every odious situation) brought to you for any spiritual warfare attention. It becomes very cheap to win the enemy when his secret (what gave him the audacity) is known. Many warriors cheaply die in the battle front not because they are not mighty but because they go to war blindly (ignorant of their enemies secrets).

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Note that the strength of a great warrior is still the same as their weaknesses. Examine the life of Samson regarding his hair and Daniel when the evil plots were made against them. They tried to stop Daniel from praying knowing full well that prayer was his strength and failure to do that will amount to weakness, but he chose to disobey them and face the consequence of the den of lion, but he was preserved by his God. Bear in mind that if devil wants to bring down a mighty man, he will not employ what the man doesn’t like but what he derives pleasure in doing; be watchful. A man of God that loves praying always without creating time to hear from God will fall into the danger of being hired by the devil to be a prayer contractor for his children. Examine the life of Eve, the wife of the first man, Adam. One word was enough to ignite her such that she disclosed everything she and her hubby might have discussed and kept secret even to a stranger and the act led to their fall. What about Samson? The larger parts of his life was invested in chasing after harlots, and he was brought to nothing through his lustful pleasure.



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