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Every empowerment is not for show but for service. No provision is made available without a purpose for it to be used for. Empowerment is mainly for service and a need to be satisfied. Greater power manifests when a greater need arises. Note that the greatest means to command an immeasurable amount of honour is through effective service

Many lives are not honoured (their lives lack reasonable honour) not because thy are not lettered but because they successfully evade service; when you serve God like a crazy man, he will bless you like a mad being. If you are in a place and you refuse to serve God but with the mindset that you’re only there to get something and thereafter run away, the day you start the thinking is the day you successfully terminate heavenly supply upon your life.
Anointing (empowerment) used for service commands attention and honour faster than the riches of the world.

Bear in mind that service propelled by love is the only thing that catapults anointing- anointing is used for separating kings, priests and for cleansing.

If there are no people in bondages, of what importance is the presence of a deliverer; if there are no people dying of ignorance, of what need is the empowerment to teach; of what importance or need is a physician, if there are no people suffering from any ailment? Of what importance is the privilege you have to be learned if it will have no positive impact on generations of people but do them more harm than good? It will be imperative that you invest your resources (time, money, knowledge etc) on something more profitable and rewarding. Note that the basis of your formal education is not limited to getting loads of certificate but also to make available the services that are limited in supply in return for honour. The understanding of many is limited regarding education as they mainly go to school for certifications to pride in (although, it is worth it but they through that hamper the main reason for their empowerment) and as a matter of fact, many of them usually go through all manner of untold means to get it done and when the need for their services arise which is to bring them honour, they are void of tantalising Solutions.


Note that the death of patients become copious in the hands of a doctor whose means of becoming successful while in training (school) is cheating; the product (students) of a teacher whose means of making it while in school is through cheating and bribery will be nothing but academically jejune students; the economy will grow from frying pan to fire in the hands of a law maker whose means of making grades while is training is fraudulent. God does not anoint you to parade yourself as the most anointed man of God but because he wants to preserve some lives via your anointing. You’re not saved (although, precious in his sight and never wants you to perish) to castigate the perishing souls or discriminate between the children of light and the dying souls but for you to long for their salvation as well. Note that sinners do not commit sin because to them, it is their ways of life; they derive pleasure in it and never feel remorse for it but for you that now know the truth, arise for their liberty. God does not give you wealth and long life to flaunt yourself around as the richest even though you laboured for it, but because your life and wealth is need to act as a tree under which lives and destinies can be successfully preserved.

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Note that the need to empower the rod of Moses via the breath of God became crucial when the need to deliver the people of Israelites from their land of slavery arose and when Moses accurately used the rod what it had been originally designed (empowered) for, honour, even from the king, the Egyptians, the Israelites, and every other nations became his lots. Bear in mind that promotion is made available to him who has effectively committed himself unto service; he that rightly appropriate his empowerment. Effective service will bring you a sweat-less recognition and wealth but many, because of their displaced priority chase the acquisition of wealth by hook and crook and forsake service which is a free entry to getting a dual reward.
“Seeth a man who is diligent in his business (use his empowerment as purposed), he will stand before kings and not before mean men.” Several late and living but notable men in the world command great honour in their lifetime even till now because they use their empowerment to serve (proffer solutions to problems) humanity; they use their skills, talents, anointing, grace, ideas, age, financial resources, salvation, education and grace etc. We have somebody like Evang. R. Bonnke, pastor E.A Adeboye, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Don moen, just to mention but a few. Grace can deliver anything to you: if you effectively utilise the one you’re empowered with at present, he will open up to you a higher taste of grace.

Note that honour, promotion, wealth etc, are the rewards of any empowerment (grace) used for service. You might be privileged to rapidly ascend the seat of fame via the accumulation of wealth but if it is not backed up by effective service to humanity, the rate of your fall from the throne of honour will be faster than what the power of wealth can curb.

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Whatever gift God has given you are for a purpose- for his glory. The fact that people are against it shouldn’t make you to kill it! It your talent (grace), and God will ask you for an account



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