The four cardinal points of marriage

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Several researches conducted by noble scientists had proven it to be true that the entire earth maintains a spherical shape, nevertheless, geographers also maintain the position that the earth has four major cardinal points from which others stem out. The same way it is for every marriage that is to stand the test of time or stand against the wiles of the environmental forces to fulfil the purpose for which it is established. Below are the four major cardinal points of any marriage that is to stand the test of time

  • Love

Love must actively reciprocated in marriage even in your own little ways. It must not be negatively or positively skewed towards either partner so that none of the partners will feel cheated or exploited or taken advantage of.

Marriage is not like the practice in the world of a partnership business where there are different categories of partners ranging from active partners to sleeping or dormant partners. Marriage is not like a nominal category of a partnership business where the husband only give the consent of their names as a title tag to the female, probably to prevent them from shame, and likewise not like a sleeping or dormant partner category of a partnership business where the wife only agrees to give their hands in marriage and every other business activities are never of great concern to them any more; marriage is a business that requires a concerted effort of both partners for its survival and success. When a marriage is left into the hands of inactivity or non commitment, the marriage stands the risk of losing its first love.

If your family does not crash, your life cannot crash.

Love entails giving and giving in marriage is not restricted to presentation of gifts alone but it entails giving the totality of oneself. If you’re not ready to give the totality of yourself to your spouse, you’re not qualified to marry. The totality of yourself is not limited to giving your spouse your body freely when it is time for sexual intercourse alone but it also cut across the aspect of giving your spouse the parental role over you. This simply means that issues that are meant to be discussed and agreed upon in your new family must not be taken to your biological parents; you only have the right to do so when both of you have jointly concluded on such. The first person that is expected to observe any lump on your body if there is any, is not anyone else but your spouse because you’ve given them the totality of yourself. More so, you’re expected to give them your heartbeat I.e. your heart must be for them at all times. Finally, you must be ready to give them your vision (share your vision with them).

A person you cannot share your vision with is not worthy of being lived with because your vision is your life (what you live for) and if the person you’re in relationship with is a person you’re being careful of or finding it difficult to share your visions with, dear please avoid settling down with such a person because you won’t have peace with them since you’re feeling insecure in sharing your vision with them.

  • Forgiveness

It is definitely possible that several kinds of issues will occur that might likely result into several misunderstanding and that doesn’t connote lack of love but devil will only find it easy to thrive in such a family when you find it difficult to release offences (let go of the past). Forgiveness refers to a prior giving before making demand. Learn to marry or get married to a person that is ready to forgive without giving any condition. A person that does not forgive is a thief, destroyer, and a killer. If you get married to a person that sees nothing bad in keeping record of your offences towards them and timely exhumes the buried corpse of your offences towards them as occasion serves them but painting the picture of forgiveness to you in the presence of people or to get the most essential material out of your hand is not worthy to give your life/love to; beware!

  • Submission

Note that submission precedes love; proof of love from a woman to a man is total submission while the man must love her without giving any iota of condition. It is worthy of note that any man, as a woman, you can never submit to is not worthy to be your hubby no matter what you’re getting from them. Don’t force yourself into such a relationship. Marriage is far more than getting material things from men or being able to shoulder your responsibility. Every man has their own ego no matter how small or financially incapacitated they might be, and they really love to be respected. A man you find difficult, as a young lady, to give the right of being the authority over you to is not worthy to be called your hubby. God has never given the authority of a family to the woman but a man and the moment you start struggling the leadership/steering of your family with your husband is the day heaven is declared closed on such marriage or cut short the provision of the lord upon such marriage.

  • Care

Appreciation is key. Appreciate your spouse both in their presence and absence. Don’t only care about them when they are around you and share their love with someone else when they are away. Appreciate their dressing, appreciate both their absence and presence; let them know how much they mean to you. Learn to let your spouse know when you’re blessed; when you’re blessed, buy them things while returning home, and take them out to have meaningful fun. Note that the weakness (adultery) of a man is their eyes; whatever they see determines what their mind processes, therefore, as a young lady, dress appreciatively to enable your hubby not to fall by what they see outside. You’re not meant for another person but your hubby, don’t keep any outfit that will make you more appreciative to him for special purposes; your home should be more special to you than any occasion.



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