Seeds of unrighteousness

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Every situation has an essence. It depicts that there is a need to be attended to which cannot be overlooked. You cannot go to war blindly and never be destroyed.

Note that no demented man is a fool because many of them are even wiser than the acclaimed normal being; they persistently keep to the instructions of the unseen forces that control them but no man is a fool other than he that jokes with information or neglect instructions.

Blessing is extremely cheap, nevertheless, it has a price. No students fail to strictly adhere to instructions of the examiner regarding a particular exam to be written and make it, except by God’s intervention, provided that it’s not intentional.

Note that for you to continually access the word of God, you must obey the one given to you earlier; an army does not select which word of a commander to obey but all. Nothing makes the most brilliant student of a class get the lowest performance in an exam other than disobedience; he who fails instruction exposes his life to danger. He that fail instruction loses the ability to tame success. For every difficult situation, there’s always a solution and the solution will only become operative and evident when there’s a proper adherence to every instruction given. No matter how effective the potency of a drug might seem to be, if a patient decides to take the drug given to him/her which is to heal them of their infirmity as against the specifications (instructions) of the pharmacist, the desired result will be far from being reached.

No natural law can stop your success when you obey instruction.

Failure in our society becomes copious today because the level of obedience to instructions massively decrease; every failure stems from our hearts and not God. He that keep instructions keep his life and destiny. Many great men (even ministers) will end up in hell not simply because they do not attend church or conferences but because they heed not to the word of truth (instruction). The only effective bait to attract success and victory into the hook of your trap is nothing but your obedience, for them to be caught by it. A desert is known for scarcity of water and food needed for survival, nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they are not available but in limited supply (and the location of its supply remains hidden) and the only key to locating where they are is adherence to the kingly instruction.

Heaven was hastily hired to become a kitchen while the Angels therein became the cook while the rock also became the fountain of water all to feed the people of Israelites even in the wilderness because Moses obeyed the instructions of the Lord and God honoured his name in his life. Note that honour is only made available to a follower that persistently honour the word of his master; you cannot persistently disobey the word (instruction) of God and think you will attract the attention of his angels to be on a mission for you.

Obedience to instruction is nothing but a legally bound contract I.e. you’ve effectively played the part of the contract allocated to you and the other party is as well automatically bound to keep his part of the contract. He that fails instruction fails life; nothing makes life more miserable than disobedience or non adherence to instructions. Instruction is life and life simply means different things to different people. To a person on bed, life means to come out of their infirmity; to a notable failure, life means outstanding success; to a poverty-stricken human, life means to overcome wretchedness and so on. The root cause of many generational problem we experience today is mostly not caused by ignorance but disobedience to instructions. He who break the edge serpent will bite. When you are instructed by the word of God not to yoke with a particular man or woman but because of material gains or facial beauty, you concluded that love is blind and you went ahead and bring forth seeds of unrighteousness which has become a great problem to generation of people.

If you know that the children you will be bringing forth to earth will be nothing but seeds of unrighteous which will become problems to generation of people, it is worth it not to marry. Note that the instruction that will successfully keep your life, destiny and generation might not come with an element of compulsion and even very easy to do away with but no matter how light it might seem to be, it possesses life and authority

(A case of Adam of Eve in the Garden of Eden and Noah in the midst of a perverse nation that was wiped out by flood).



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