Seeds of unrighteousness 2

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You cannot disobey the word of God and appease him with your offering, it can never work; he’s never moved by material things because his words he has exalted above every other things. Note that non adherence to instruction can make a glorious child Directoryto become a laborious and an adulterous child (A case of Dinah, daughter of Jacob); it can make a notable man to become the most wretched man on earth (A case of Samson).

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Notable point about instruction:

  • Instruction preserves destiny

Every fulfilled destiny is a solution to a problem and the pleasure of the wicked is to make great destiny suffer even in the camp of the enemy like Samson, whose eyes was later removed and was made to grind wheel while they mock him. There was an explicit instruction before his birth about what he must totally abstain from but that was that which he derived pleasure in, and he sacrificed his great destiny on the bed of body pleasure.

  • Disobedience to instruction elongates years of toiling

He that derives pleasure in disobedience derives pleasure in experiencing affliction. Devil does not trespass, he understands laws and protocols. He that yields himself to the authority of the lord via hisedience to his words is free from the attack of the devil, but he that derives pleasure in going against the instruction of the lord derives pleasure in being ruled by several unknown forces (devil)

  • Righteousness

The wrath of man cannot attain the righteousness of God. Praying always cannot make you to attain the righteousness of God but obedience to his instructions. Learn the ways of Abraham, the Father of faith.

  • Instruction has no respect for social status

Many people miss total deliverance because they expect the instruction that will command their deliverance to be in tandem with the kind of honour they command in the society or rational thinking of men. Note that the instruction that will forever change your life might totally ridicule your social status or not in line with their rational thinking. Remember the case of Namaan and the river Jordan where he was to wash himself in order to obtain his deliverance.

  • Instruction makes mountain plain

Nothing makes journey easier, sweeter and stress-free other than knowing the place you’re going, how to get there and the purpose of going there. Joshua needed not to pray for years before the wall of Jericho could be demolished but just by following the instruction given to him by God, the way out became glaring.

  • Instruction can move from general to specific

Instructions are sometimes custom-made which usually varies in content with situation, persons, empowerment and destiny. What a particular person derives pleasure in taking most as the most nutritious meal to their body might be an element with great venom which is capable of destroying the entire cells in another man’s body

(A case of John the Baptist)

Why do people suffer in times of abundance or scarcity?

There are moments of life where abundance and scarcity become very imminent even to the extent that toddlers are never ignorant of those moments. But in spite of the abundance, many lives still wallow in abject poverty and so also it is in time of scarcity that many still enjoy abundance but the only difference between people that fall under these categories is their level of obedience to instructions. The moment of deliverance of many had been happily wasted because the instruction given to them which is meant to settle their entire case (having climbed several mountains or visited several great men of God and given instructions that had failed to resolve the matter) is far more below the rational standard (mental conception) or what Is expected to give them the needed liberty. Many years of toiling and suffering had, by this reason, been elongated. Namaan, that mighty warrior almost lost his healing because he was not expecting any instruction to be given (let alone to go and bath in a stinking water as claimed by him), before his healing could be ascertained but by the laying of hands and because of this, he wanted to arrogantly jettison the prepared means of his delivery. Instructions that keep destiny, life and generations many a time might be like a very great yoke which might seem too difficult to bear but such a person sees another set of being that has never kept to any godly instruction doing great, he also will Want to for this reason EXPLORE, and by the reason of his exploration, he is thereby caught by the web of destruction because they never knew that they were bought with a price and such instruction is nothing but a seal to their lives and destinies.

The fact that someone is doing evil to gain wealth or make name and has never been caught or punished for it doesn’t give you the audacity to do the same- your case is different. It might be a long range practice of the land, if you receive a specific incision not to join them in the practice as that is the only way to keep your destiny or yourself on track, the day you dare try to explore is the day you embark on a journey of no return. If Abraham had been disobedient, the generational blessing that he received that many are striving to tap from today would have been nothing but a generational curse.

More so, the disobedience that led to scarcity in the time of abundance for many stem out of their rational thinking of a way to please God (A case of king Saul when he was ordered by the word of God through prophet Samuel to destroy the inhabitants of Abimelech). You cannot deliberately go against the word of the lord and think he can be pleased by your rational ideology. Note that for you to command abundance in the time of scarcity or not to live in scarcity in the time of abundance or not to suffer with the people of the land when the destruction comes

(A case of Lot and his family in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah)

, you therefore need to obey the word that proceed from the mouth of the lord.



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