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Every moment of life has a purpose for which it was created or fashioned, although, it might remain a secret to the one experiencing such a moment of life but to him who has created it, the purpose is vividly known. Note that no season of life surfaces in any human path without a prior known intention of the one who originated or orchestrated it. Many situations at times surface in our lives not to ridicule our standard in God but to impact (liberate) some lives and to impact some destinies. God sometimes allow some situations to successfully “humiliate us” not because we are not worthy in his sight but because there are some people in that state that are needed to be impacted and the only way for them to be impacted is for us to stoop low to their level which we might not deliberately want to do, but he will orchestrate events that will allow such to happen.

No apprentice gains his/her freedom if he/she has not completed his/her years of training but immediately the year of training is completed, freedom is ascertained, and he/she is declared a master. No man of faith without challenges but courage (ability to continue in the face of opposition) kept them going.

Be careful to work or walk with the unbelievers; those that magnify fear and doubts.

The moment you give attention to how great your enemy is, the easier it is for you to fail but rather learn how to easily finish your enemy irrespective of its size. Note that except you permit the devil, he’s not permitted to destroy you; beware of sin and disobedience. Bear in mind that God sometimes withdraw some (good) things from us not because he wanted to punish us but because he knew that Satan wanted to catch us unaware, and he never wanted us to fall prey of devil. There is a reason for your creation and if the reason for your creation remains unidentified, then, the reason fo your existence becomes wasted irrespective of the numbers of year you spend on earth. God has a person or people that he needed to affect in some ways, and so you were born.

It is not that you were born and then came up with something for you to do but God had something for you to do before the foundation of the world. Your purpose was established- then your existence becomes essential, therefore, it was established. God has a productive life planned for you; a life of meaning and purpose that will make a difference in other lives and his kingdom, who will thereafter impact others.

Every creation is with an intent.

Of what importance is the creation of an aeroplane without a prior conception of purpose. The intention of every spirit being (devil and God) is usually executed by mortal beings; before a building can be built, there’s always a grand plan, the specification and purpose of each room. The need for discovery useless when there is no prior intent. In whatever goal you might choose to set or decision made, note that you’re automatically fulfilling of executing either of the spirit being’s grand plan but it takes proper alignment with the spirit of God to execute the plans of God.

God foreknew that there’s going to be famine that will last for some years on earth which might lead to the extinction of many lives, then, there’s a need for the creation of a wisdom and dream interpretation loaded ability person like Joseph to come up with the strategy to preserve generations of people. The brothers of Joseph connived against him and threw him into a dry well but God orchestrated the presence of some men from the tribe of Ishmael to intercept with them and through them, the journey to fulfilment of purpose (intention) of Joseph began, although, on the platform of slavery that he might learn about how important it could be to have a second chance to live again. The creation of Moses (the engaged deliverer of Israel) was needful because the word of God to Abraham that his children will serve in a strange land for some years and from their leave for the promise land was almost getting close, of which he that must carry out the assignment must go through some rigorous training. No matter how crowded the earth might be with successful people, there’s still a very wide room for your manifestation. The fact that someone can do some things more than you does not make you useless; your level of empowerment is tantamount to the type of service committed into your care but that does not call for laziness, try to improve.

A situation of life will bypass you without giving any meaning if you choose not to unravel the mystery of its purpose. Why am I experiencing this? Who did God wants to affect their lives with this current situation of mine or what is the essence of its presence? The creation and the presence of Jesus on earth becomes very essential when the vacuum between man and God becomes unbearable. It got to a point of Jesus’ mission that he found it difficult to bear further but, and he pleaded that the ‘cup’ should pass him by. But the moment he regained his consciousness and remembered that his existence is mainly for the purpose, he joyfully went through it till the end because of the glory set before him. Remember the case of the young girl that gave the suggestion that Namaan (that mighty man of Babylon) should visit the prophet in the land of Samaria? It pleases the lord to make the young girl to be in that land because someone needs a valid direction to his place of deliverance. What about Daniel and the other three Hebrews that the lord allowed the king of Babylon to capture with those that they enslave in the land of Judah? God allowed this because he wanted to take away the kingdom of the land from their graven images. Many unwanted circumstances might surround your birth but your creation is certainly for a purpose, don’t let any man brainwash you of who you’re. It’s not a mistake that you’re born into that family, country, continent and generation, there’s a preconceived intention.



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