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Be the scientist of your life If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, therefore, if you have the key, no padlock is allowed to remain close. Note that authority is only bound to bow itself to the earth when a greater authority manifests; an authority in operation will remain the highest authority not until a new level of authority whose rank and recognition supersedes the prevalent authority. Bear in mind that when anointing is present, your effrontery to the kingdom of darkness is called taking authority because you have a higher authority but in the absence of anointing, any confrontation or effrontery made to the kingdom of the darkness and its kingdom is nothing but trespassing; beware don’t leave your head uncovered.

Note that when you discover what God had deposited in you and you use it to faithfully serve God, He will surely decorate you.

There’s no one under the heavens without their own destined audience, no matter how overcrowded some people might be, even demented people; go and create, your audience eagerly await your arrival. Struggling will automatically become part of some people’s journey because they deliberately jettison the pathway they are to follow to the state of recognition since it is below the rational standard of what can bring them to limelight as regards the thinking of mortals. Note that there’s no audience without a message and vices versa and reception and acknowledgement comes when the appropriate message is delivered to the right set of audience, hence, recognition. Note that not until you’ve discovered the message given to you to preach to the world, you cannot discover your audience and when you have no audience, recognition is far away from you; you cannot offer adult a meal that is meant for a baby and think they will reverence you for the fact that you’ve fed them. Diverse set of messages are given to individual persons and the kind of message given to you is a determinant of the category of the kind of people you’re being prepared for. Even if you’re given the same message as another person, note that there’s a spectacular feature about you that God wants to adopt in disseminating the information. Your message might not be to be a pastor, although, every redeemed of the lord is expected to preach the gospel (we are commissioned to do so) of the lord but in addition to that, it could be a passion for the needy, painting of pictures (although, might not be learned in the learned in that aspect) creation of job opportunities for the less-privileged.

Proper understanding of your message will give you an accurate direction to the audience you’re prepared for.

Whenever there is a will, that must be a wheel upon which it must ride. Note that you can be stranded even when millions are around you; many goes about in the desert land and saying they are busy without result because they are yet to discover, and he who’s never discover can neither recover nor take over. It is time to move from some things to the era of substance. It is time to start judging men by the contents of the word (discovery) inside of them and no more by the colour of their suit or skin. A writer once said and I paraphrase that science is nothing but the discovery of what God has created. Invariably speaking, the people named scientists are only able to earn that name not because they created something new (although, new in the sight of mortals because it’s not been seen before) or modified the existing ones but because they were able to discover (search out) that which had created but had remained hidden and unknown to many mortals for ages and applied the discovery to proffer solution to the ongoing problem of the society. There is nothing new under the heavens except the ones that have not been uncovered or discovered. Note that there’s no one under the heaven that cannot become a scientist; your course of study is never a barricade to becoming a recognized scientist.

Many noble men have passed through the earth and even have their names documented in the book of records because they discovered that which had remained hidden for ages and applied it to.proffer solution to generational problems. The discovery of these noble men gave them a lasting recognition even till today. You can only become scientific in your approach when you’re able to ascertain a ground breaking discovery which is capable of proffering solutions to generational problems. There’s no one without a prior deposit (initial capital base) and this is the solution to someone’s problems if discovered. The worth of an article to the owner/user is never greater than the amount of knowledge they have about its operations or what they think it can be used for and that’s the only difference between what a user of an item will.love to keep regardless of their size. An article becomes more worthwhile to the bearer when a level of ground-breaking discovery has been ascertained about its content and uses which automatically creates a fresh demand for it. Some crops nowadays, are gaining a ground breaking recognition, in spite of the level of obscurity they’ve long suffered in the midst of other crops, even among mortal beings today simply because there are new level of discovery about them which are essential to human life. Note that no treatment was given to the rod of Moses better than the treatment that Shepherd could give to their rods not until the day he discovered something unusual about it at mount Sinai and ever since that day onward, adequate recognition was therefore given to the rod; it was no longer seem as a mere rod because new discovery has been ascertained about it. Bear in mind that no mortal being can give you recognition or respect more than what you receive at present until you have a self-discovery. Mark Zuckerberg, Wright’s brothers, and Bill Gate, just to mention but a few are notable scientists in the world today by discovery (although not by profession) and adequate honour and recognition have perpetually been their lots ever since.

Be the scientist of your life; search out the needful and unknown about your life to impact generations of people that recognition might be your lot. What made Moses to be a great scientist of his time was his curiosity to know more about the burning bush that was not consumed by fire and in the course got to know something new and spectacular about a particular instrument of his that he’s been going about with for years. What about David? His heart of bravery to confront that dauntless Goliath, after many trained soldiers have surrendered. Scientists don’t give up on situations until results that can bring positive contribution has been ascertained.



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