Poverty: A balm with an element of repulsion

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Laughter is a medicine, of a truth, for it’s one of the major cure to sadness, but when a man laughs constantly without a reason, there’s need for a check. A man that is close to knowledge is close to a deadly trap.

Note that devil doesn’t usually laugh (they seldom laugh) but whenever they do over any life, it connotes that they’ve destroyed the person’s life beyond repair except God himself shows mercy upon such life. Poverty is an element of division, segregation, and repulsion; nothing repels people from a human faster than poverty. Bear in mind that nothing makes a man more irritable, displeasing and hastily make people retract from people of their kind faster than wretchedness.

A wealthy man doesn’t announce his presence but his wealth is loaded with the strength to publicise their arrival. Wealth clothes man with an automatic acceptance; no one wants to associate with a wretched being and if they earlier have something doing with them, they want to hurriedly do away with them. Poverty to many is nothing more than financial incapacitation I.e. lack of financial buoyancy, but to state the fact, that’s nothing but a parochial definition of the term “poverty.” A poor man to the society means, a person whose wealth, income or means of survival (financial freedom) is far more below the ruling standard or the ideal standard of wealth in the society, group, or economy. No man really wants to be identified with a poor man because they know that no material gain can be acquired from such a man; wealth makes many “friends”, poverty drives them all away.

Categories of poverty

There are different categories of poverty and these include:

  • Financial Poverty

this is the commonest category of poverty and this is what people mostly acknowledge as poverty. Without doubt, it comes with a physical expression of wretchedness while other categories require a critical perusal before they can be identified, and for them to be glaringly seen, they would have eaten deep. Financial poverty commands a hasty revelation of their presence because it has a link with the presence and superabundance of material things. Financial poverty is a great destroyer and a thief without mask.It automatically (without any mortal interference) removes man from the castle of those that matters and place them under the shed of irrelevance. It cripples efforts and ideas and turn man to an outcast even in the midst of his kindred. Lack of financial resources have made many people to become imbeciles to the actualization of blazing plans and ideas.

Note that your wretchedness might not command a physical expression but whatever it is that your life harbours that can make people to hastily want to away with you is nothing but poverty; take note!

  • Spiritual Poverty

This is a kind of systemic syndrome that an individual experiences in the spirit but manifests itself in the physical. Spiritual poverty is a kind of wretchedness an individual experiences as a result of the disconnection his spiritual antenna suffers when it is unable to catch the current facts of the heaven per time as God releases them. This poverty is the father and mother of every other category of poverty because it’s presence can easily thwart other aspects of one’s life and its absence doesn’t mean that others might not be present. The one that suffers from spiritual poverty might find it difficult to understand signals and events. A person that suffers from spiritual poverty easily get tensed under every spiritual activity because they lack connection and find it difficult to fit in.

No familiarity should make you lose the consciousness of God or the terribleness of God and ridicule him. To every redeemed and believer, there is a Holy spirit but the effectiveness of the activities of the Holy spirit in the life of every redeemed of the lord is dependent on how persistent individual person listens to or follow the teachings and instructions of the Holy spirit. Note that your latitude can easily turn to a free-doom if it is without engagement or a commitment towards development. If your mind is void of productive thoughts, your hands can never escape being idle. A life that is heavily stricken by spiritual poverty usually manifests these five basic features:

  • Formlessness

Earth and it’s fullness gains their form in God, therefore, any man that longs to do away with God will find it difficult to gain balance, although, they might be financially rich. A life that suffers from spiritual poverty are always without shape, imbalance and amoebic in nature. They are easily tossed to and fro by situation because they cannot for see events; spiritual dwarfism It is of a truth that the chosen of the lord are not also exempted from being at sea sometimes but in a time of scarcity, the lord will always be their satisfaction; before the need arises provision is made available by God.

  • Emptiness

People battling with spiritual poverty are usually empty of tantalizing ideas; they are void of great visions but reason myopically. There is usually a very wide vacuum between them and understanding and the right application of knowledge which is wisdom but in order not to make such glaringly seen by people, they tend to cover it over with lies even to the extent that they tell lies to their benefactors. One of the major difference between a spiritually buoyant person and a spiritually wretched person is the amount of information they receive from the Holy spirit. The only thing that strategically position you for an unquestionable greatness and success in spite of the condition of the land is the amount of information you have and your effectiveness in its utilization

  • Darkness

A person that battles with spiritual poverty is always an epitome of the manifestation of the works of darkness. Note that not until someone kills or steals before he/she can be called an agent of darkness, but he that derives pleasure in lying manifests the greatest work of devil. They are usually not exempted in the place where devil manifests his works; either openly or secretly.

  • Deep waters

This represents the manifestation of several uncontrollable events on their paths. The become light in the sight of situations because they are easily controlled by it. They have their heads buried in situations; deep waters.

  • Spirit of God

The greatest talkative and secrets revealer that we are blessed with in this dispensation is the Holy spirit; he talks non-stop. But for a person that is spiritually poor, no matter how evident the presence of Holy spirit of God is, they can never understand him. The effectiveness and operation of the spirit of God in the life of he who suffers from spiritual poverty is little or nothing. Note that it takes a proper understanding of the word of God and a heavy dose of the presence of the spirit of God to identify a false prophet because they usually possess charisma and their names pool crowd whenever it is mentioned.



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