Poverty: A balm with an element of repulsion 2

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You can read up the first part here before you continue with this. The third category of poverty is:

  • Attitudinal poverty

It is a silent killer; it kills gradually with little or no trace. Note that you can be financially rich and people celebrate you extensively and yet you’re poor.

Financial buoyancy doesn’t sustain relationship but attitude; when respect is practised, long term relationship becomes natural. Note that there is a reason people believe in what they believe in.

The attitude of many they’ve encountered in the past have thought them several negative and unforgettable lessons that have become a bulk of experience that determines their relationships with people (read more: landmark). Your wealth might attract people to you but your attitude will sustain them. If a man has a poor attitude, and he’s financially rich, people will only come around him because of the benefit of material things they receive from him. Note that man with poor attitude will not only find it difficult to achieve greatness but greatness will automatically and stylishly avoid him. Your attitude encapsulate your words, actions and reactions to events and people around you and your integrity.

II kings 4:8-17– This scriptural text discussed a shunamite woman. The woman was said to be financially okay but her wealth could not give her adequate satisfaction as she longed to, but her attitude did (what her wealth was deficient of getting her, such attitude of hers accomplished it without rigour). Do not because of the difficulties you’re going through utter offensive words to your creator.

The wretchedness of many lives is not born out of their lack of financial helper but their lack of the right attitude.

Attitude will either attract people to you or repel them from you. Poverty of word is also a very disease that many had failed to address; many had emotionally sold out their peace because they lack word management principle. They want to say everything when their opinion is never or less needed and say nothing at a very critical time that demands their utterances; yield to the tune of your spirit man (read more: The seat of life and death). You might have acquired riches in the whole world, which is not even feasible, and still remain without honour if you are still under the control of attitudinal poverty. No matter how gorgeously dressed you are, if you are under the control of attitudinal poverty, you will be nothing but stinking elements that people really wants to hastily do away with. Take for instance, onion, which is a very good spice in the meal because it gives it good flavour but in spite of its known worth to the bearer, once it starts decomposing where it is being kept, the owner will hurriedly want to do away with it.

Why do people linger in poverty?

No slave master will be happy enough to have his slaves gain their freedom; it is always painful to them, most importantly when it is a loyal slave. The greatest instrument adopted by poverty that has made its presence to be effective and destructive in the lives of mortal beings is ignorance. The earlier you gain awareness about the poverty you suffer from, the faster you will long to come out of it. Note that the more an individual dwells in ignorance, the more effective it is for poverty to operate in such a life. More so, many people remained poor not because they are ignorant of their status, but they lack the zeal or willingness to come of it. Take for instance, many blind people love to remain blind simply because they love to live at the sympathy of others since the alms they constantly receive from people can cater for their daily petty needs. Their belief is that if they regain their sights, begging for alms for their survival might become difficult.

Poverty cripples a blazing destiny; it annihilates a blazing future; it empowers wretchedness in a life it grasps and make it useless but if you think your life has been so useless and destroyed by any of these categories of poverty that many people want to hurriedly do away with you, give your life outrightly to God, he can make it usable and useful again even beyond your expectations.



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