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The major instrument that devil employs in holding people captive is ignorance; when they are unaware of their captivity, the zeal to fight their way out of it becomes unavailable. You do not fight ignorance with ignorance but knowledge and knowledge only comes by information. The amount of information you have about your identity will determine how strategically positioned you’re in winning the battles of life.

If you lack the right information about your rod, you might only see its function being limited to controlling sheep alone. Ignorance can be likened to a situation whereby a person putting a white robe trying to drag issue with a pig-like human being. No matter how thick and dirty mud might seem to be, if a pig should roll inside it, it is always happy because it’s their nature, and they are usually ready to bring whosoever drags issue with them to their level. The ignorant are not usually easy to conquer in arguments except you have the right information.

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You cannot fight ignorance with its prototype and defeat it.

Your size might give people the effrontery or privileges to successfully ridicule you but that has never rubbished or changed the abilities of your potentials. Note: that minute thing in you in which you give no reverence to because it is worth nothing to you (read more: Irrelevance) might mean a lot to the world, if properly cultivated and it can bring honour to you. Mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds but when planted and properly cultivated, it grows to become a big tree with multiple fruits to feed generations of beings.

Let’s take for instance, if every seed in the forest were to be human beings and were to have a verbal contest of expression of their potentials, I believe mustard seeds might not have had anything convincing saying in such a gathering because of its size compare to others. But when it comes to the manifestation of their potentials, in spite of its disputable size, no words will be needed to say to convince people of what its potentials entail.

Moses had never treated his rod with care better than the care shepherds give to their rods (because if it should get lost or broken, new ones can easily be made) not until the day he had a better understanding of the essence or potentials of his rod to the generations other than mere sheep he used it in coordinating in the wilderness- the rod is for signs and wonders.

The rod is to give hope to the hopeless; shut the mouth of the wicked; bring the lordship of the wicked over the justified to an end; bring the enslaved down to their land of rest; give peace and satisfaction to the famished (food and water). Nothing about your creation is useless. Note that a new phase of life was birthed forth in the life of Moses the moment and the day he got the right information about the rod in his hand. The rod has been with him in the wilderness even for almost forty years but the day he got to know about the true essence of the rod, a generational leadership ability was immediately ignited in him. It does not matter the numbers of years you’ve been in possession of that thing such that you can even give an accurate account of everything about right from the beginning to the end, if you’re still lacking the right information about it, your life might not be better than what people have always known you be.

You do not go to war by propaganda but by skills and wisdom. Do not joke with your channel of information because those that do later live their lives at the sympathy of others.

Your greatest channel of information is the word of God- the key to self-discovery. Note that the level of man’s struggling is usually determined by the amount of the word of God you have in you. Your life cannot contradict the word of God and you at the same time enjoy his blessings. Why do people give and there’s no return from God? Note that every offering of a sinner is abomination before God. People are not usually destroyed by what they are going through but by what they say. Mind your utterances; nothing is useless



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