In the time of famine

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Famine is a period where there is an extreme shortage of food. In a period of famine, production of necessities for a sustainable living become limited in supply because the land becomes barren or a desolate terrain especially one with little water or vegetation; a wasteland. Note that since the supply of resources are not in tandem with the number of the unsatisfied needs, then for an individual to get a share from the available resources, even if it is just a little, becomes an issue that requires the rule of the fittest. The dwarfs struggle with the ones with average heights and the giants; the giants will never want to give respect to the height of the dwarfs when struggling to get a portion from the available resources; age becomes not an object of respect- the young ridicule the adults and the adult give no reverence to their age any longer because everyone is in search of greener pasture for survival so that they will not be wiped out by the hands of time; many people are ready to indulge in many ungodly things to have access to a steady supply of resources to cater for their needs.

Several people in power take possession of what rightfully belongs to the feeble because they have no one to avenge them. Many live in despair and to live up to the rational standard of living becomes an illusion. Lives of many hastily fade away even in their own presence, and they have little or nothing to do about it; the level of crime astronomically multiplies. Both the poor and the rich will almost become uniform- the poor are short of funds to purchase some basic things needed for survival while the rich have their cash buy couldn’t find that which they long to buy, and they can’t eat their cash. Life hastily becomes unbearable and cruel at almost everyone.

Note that no matter how vigilant you’re or the quality of prayers you pray as a believer, there’s a “cup” meant for you that can never pass over you.

The “cup” here signifies tribulations, persecutions, hard times, time of loneliness which every believer must pass through in order to emerge gloriously. The cup is not to ridicule or punish us but to bring us to the real person he wants us to be. Note that the ‘cup’ here is individual specific while the time of famine is a uniform experience; it affects everyone. Apportioning of blames in a difficult situation is not a viable key to getting solution to the situation at hand but rather synergize effort to fight the course through. Note that there is no problem in life without a commensurate solution but the problem will linger when the solutions remain unidentified.

There are two (2) basic secrets to living large in the time of famine. Nothing brings more drought to a life in the time of famine faster than cutting corners; note that the effectiveness of fertilizer becomes neutral in the time of famine because the land almost become arid or with little or no production- living large becomes a history. It is worthy of note that to man there might be road blocks but with God there is always a way out.

The way outs are:

  • God’s direction

Note that the most prominent time when disappointment of different calibre becomes eminent, even stemming from the least expected person is the time of famine because almost everyone is trying to strike a balance on their limited resources with their outlined plans.

Irrespective of how prominent disappointment could be, the redeemed are usually satisfied, even though the situation of the land be like desert or rock, God usually have a ready-made way out; before need arises, supply is always made available. The only one that has the perfect understanding of where green pastures and unending flow of water supply are for his sheep is God; the one that has the knowledge about where the hidden riches and the treasures of the secret places of the land are, even when everywhere looks arid and disarrayed is the one that sits in the high places.

II kings 17:1-14

After prophet Elijah released the word into the land to withhold the rain (when there is no rain, then, no production and many lives will be lost), immediately God’s word came to direct him to a place where he will actively be fed with both food and water, not minding the current situation of the land and after a while, the supply was exhausted and as he was contemplating on what to do, the word came again to direct him to a particular land where he’s going to find a widow he’s prepared to feed him. How do you treat your channel of information? Note that he that keeps not the word of God, most especially in the evil days is automatically courting wretchedness. “You cannot jettison following the principle of God and attain his standard.” (Read more: our standard)

The same thing happened in a marriage feast that took place in the land of cana of Galilee. Both the groom and the bride were almost disgraced because the wine finished and the mother asked them to go and meet Jesus and whatsoever He asked them to do they should do accordingly and as they followed the instruction and direction, the name of the lord was glorified in the feast. Note that in the time of famine, if you do not want to die of struggling, learn to follow God’s instruction, it might seem.unpleasant before man’s eyes, but it will surely keep and guide you through the evil days.

  • Service

Serve God wholeheartedly not to receive praises of men (read more: spiritual serviceand what does your image speak: pride or grace?). You cannot serve God and your life remains un-served except you indulge in sins. There is no one that God has not placed somebody under their care irrespective of your financial situation and your service can only be completely done unto God when you do not leave their lives uncatered for because they are heritage of God (read more: The Parent-less Children). Whenever you actively care (serve) for those lives placed under you, you’re automatically commanding the blessing of the Lord upon yourself, in spite of what the economic situation is speaking to the lives of people, you will confidently and buoyantly, because happy is the man whose quiver is full of the heritage of the lord; he shall neither know shame nor sorrow. The heritage of the Lord here does not simply connote he/she that attends church, but he/she that are in dire need of the word of God- those that God had raised you for to receive liberation through you in terms of finance, healing, breakthrough, liberation, salvation etc. You cannot serve God with the whole of your strength and be disgraced because you’ve totally consumed your strength in serving God and God can never watch you fail when it comes to your turn, he will automatically stand in for you. Be committed to God’s service and God will also service every aspect of your life. Note that for anyone that longs to live large, irrespective of the situation of the land, these two aforementioned keys must be his/her guiding philosophy.


  • IIKings 17:1-14
  • John 2:1-11
  • Exodus 17:1-6



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