Hot coals in the bag of blessings

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The state of the economy or your current status does not exonerate you from being tested by God, moreover, every blessing you receive from God comes with an element of test. Many people miss further provisions of God which are always prepared for the test that accompanies the packages of blessing they received. They become lax and are suddenly caught unaware by the test, which usually makes many to fail woefully. Do not receive blessing from God and immediately pick up race but rather ask for the test that follows each blessing because the test is the container of the seal to your earlier received blessing. Always bear in mind that whatever greatness you receive will always come with a test that are inevitable if it must last long.

You do not receive blessing or greatness from God and think it is over; your success in the test that follows your blessing is a determinant of how qualified you’re for the next phase of blessing and how eligible you’re in retaining the one you just receive. Note that every new promotion is embedded with an approximate level of test.

Congratulations for the fact that you’re able to surmount the challenges prior to the manifestation of the blessings of promotions without sustaining any injury but that is never an enough reason to be exempted from being tested in order to ascertain your fitness for the current blessing and to receive the subsequent ones. Many people become a square peg in a round whole because they see the time of promotion as a time to lax about because of their change in status and personality as a result of their new level of blessing, of a truth, it is worth celebrating. But note that the euphoria of their blessing or promotion will hastily vaporize of they fail to take the bull their blessings or promotions are loaded with by their horns.

Every new level of blessing is worthy of celebration but behind the blessings, there are loads of questions to answer.

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No man moves up the managerial hierarchy to occupy the topmost level and still operates like a front line or a middle level manager. His blessing (promotion), has exposed him to a greater challenge. For every blessing you receive from God, you’re liable to write two.different tests. One comes prior to the reception of the blessing while the other comes immediately (not too long) after the reception of the blessing. The one that comes prior to the reception of the blessing always acts as a faith assessment test which is usually conducted to assess the quality of your faith in God, while the other that surfaces not too long after the reception of the blessing usually acts as a blessing sealing assessment test. This usually manifests to seal up the blessing received against the operations of the devil and his agents. Many people easily sail through the first test and fail the second woefully because they are caught unaware; they thought the first test marked the end of their assessment. If you must unlock the seal to the subsequent array of blessings on your path, you must not evade the tests embedded in the blessings you previously received.

Note that after receiving your Isaac (blessing) that you’ve long waited for (maybe in prayer and fasting, sacrificial giving and many more), there’s still a place called the land of Moriah where there is a mountain upon which you are to be fully screened of the recently received blessings.

The fact that Abraham and Sarah had long waited for the day and time Isaac (the promised child) will be seen did not exonerate them from being tested again after the reception of Isaac. In spite of the perfect knowledge God had about Abraham and Sarah’s plight and tarrying even till it was beyond the reasonable time, according to man, for Sarah to conceive, he still never spared the decision maker (Abraham) of the family from being tested. Their most treasured asset (Isaac) at that time became the most befitting element God could demand for sacrifice in the land of Moriah. Both the husband and wife had so much toiled and laboured for the boy to come forth and now it became the only thing God could demand the father, by his own hand, to offer him as sacrifice when there are better rams with meaningful fats that can be offer in place of their most treasured asset. The subject became a secret that the husband could not discuss with the wife because he critically thought of the pains they both went through before the arrival of Isaac. He also behaved as if nothing has happened to him on their way to the land of Moriah when Isaac (the object for sacrifice) questioned him about the ram to be used for the sacrifice having seen the knife and the fire woods The blessing of many even though it was from God, still possess some loopholes through which devil penetrates because they prevented the blessing from having seal which is usually done through rigorous scrutiny for proper sealing. Your first test deals directly with your personality while your second test deals with your person (thinking) through the blessing you’ve received



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