Your Value is Enhanced by Pain

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According to those in businessd field, production is defined as the creation of utility; value. Value as it stands is different in definition with respect to persons because it appeals only to an individual’s personal sense of reasoning. Note that quality to different individual connotes different things but one thing is usually common to them all is the ability of a product or service to match up with the customer’s or client’s taste or specifications. The same thing applies to what is termed value; it carries different meanings with respect to persons. Value simply means the ability of a product or service to match up with a person’s sense of worth or what he thinks to be valuable; an amount a salary earner will see and becomes consumed by emotion (lose control) because it seems huge to him since he might never had seen or have such before is still the same another man (maybe business person) will see and spit at because it seems minute compare yo what they handle each day

  • Pain versus Value

Let’s dissect some examples we can easily relate with. For the value of a tree or it’s produce to be improved from being just a mere tree to being something that will be more acceptable, attracting, commanding value and attention, then it must go through a severe and thorough process (pains). Although, oranges for instance, commands the attention of people when it gets to market but for its presence to easily appeals to the elites of the society, its value must be improved on by generating derivatives of it which is packaged juice and it is usually achieved through several rigorous processes of squeezing, sieving, heating, packaging etc. Usually done by giants and non merciful industrial machines. Note that the same thing applies to a tree from which planks, papers, and the papers used in making books and money. The first-hand level of pain it has to go through is to mercilessly sever its relationship with its root, painfully cut it into logs, roughly (maybe to the carrier neatly) packed it into the vehicle used in transporting them to the factory and thereafter take them through a rigorous process under heavy industrial machines while some things will be added and some will be forcefully removed in order to make them a generally acceptable item like the case of money.

What then can we say as well about ornaments? None of them can experience an increase in value without the presence of the heating of fire and the beating of hammers. Take a walk to the fire place of a blacksmith and see the ways cutlasses are made. Note that after they’ve been made, for them to keep being useful to the one that has engaged their service, their value must keep improving through the help of continuous filing which is another terrific process to the cutlass. No matter how learned you might be, you cannot evade pains if your value must continually improve or if you want to serve higher class of people. There is no motion without friction. Note that every triumph is a story of rejection.

One of the greatest tools used by God in shaping and sharpening destiny into structure is nothing but pains (affliction). He does not negate the presence of affliction which is directed towards bringing out the best out of humans.

  • Honour versus Solution

You might look pale because you are going through some pains which is the prerequisite to paying the price of getting to your destined point but it doesn’t last forever (Read more on Does Fasting kill . Note that the basic determinant of a continuous acceptance of any product by its habitual consumers is the ability of the product to continuously deliver an exact or an improved value or satisfaction to its consumers. The relevance of a product to its consumers is rooted in the amount of value it possesses and the amount of satisfaction derives from its consumption.

Note that the value of a thing is never in any way greater than the amount of solution it can provide. The value of a thing will drastically increase when the amount of solution that can be generated from it immensely multiplies. Bear in mind that honour does not just manifest; it is usually a reward for an improvement in value. Note that if your honour is not born out of your improvement in value, it might be difficult if not impossible, for it to stand the test of time. It is worthy of note that your value is not determined by the amount of schools you’ve attended and the qualifications you’ve gathered or positions you’ve attained, although it might complement it, but it is usually determined by the amount of solutions you can offer generations of people. Many people have acquired several formal certifications and are really proud of themselves (which is normal) but they are regarded as less important because in spite of their several yeas of formal education, their modes of reasoning had never gone beyond that of a lad. This is because they are not open-minded as they only attached their values to their qualifications and compel people to honour them. You don’t need to beg or compel people to honour you; it’s one of the non monetary rewards you receive for any solution you offer. Note that being educated is not a criterion to being a solution, although it might position you aright, and being uneducated is never a disqualification for being a solution. Many graduates remain unemployed today because they are ignorant of the concept ‘value’ as they lay more emphasis on their certificates/qualifications than the solutions they can render- organisations want valuable employees not employees with loads of papers (certificates). Read more on The Solution Bearers

Note that the improvement of one’s value is not an easy thing because it follows the principle of no pain no gain and no fame. Remain without value and remain without honour. If people had failed to honour you, don’t blame them. It is either because they are ignorant of the countless number of solutions you’re loaded with or you probably do not have any solution to offer; you are known for the phrase ‘I support.’ Note that honour becomes the lot of some people in spite of language, culture or ethnic disparity because their values had transcended being encamped by those things e.g. in spite of the fact that some people do not understand the languages of some actors, singers, footballers etc. People still love and honour them because their values had increased to the extent that they are too important to be neglected. Organisations don’t hire because they are looking for people with better qualifications, although it might be stated as conditions, but in real sense, they are looking for people with better solutions because they have too much a problem on their tables, and they are only in search of the solution bearers. Note that service is nothing but a solution offered in exchange for payments and so also it is for every product disposed to the market by producers, it must be an answer to somebody’s request and if not, it might not gain the attention let alone the confidence of people.



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