The Missing Truth

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Truth is life; it has power to safe. Tuth has no respect for age, size or level of any ongoing deceit, whenever it appears, deceit hastily rescinds its authority and bow out. Nothing attracts wretchedness faster and easier than lies. Although, a life built on lies might look so attractive and acceptable on the outside but it’s gradually sinking on the inside. Note that a man that lives his life without giving an adeception thrives in a place where truth is missing. Note that in a place where truth thrives, professional and age long successful marketers of lies are usually magnanimous failures. dequate reverence to the power of truth to be his guiding philosophy is heading for a journey with an endless hope.

Truth doesn’t exempt you from being antagonised because the proponents no truth are scarce and widely dispersed. Remember that truth led Joseph to the prison (because he refused to sleep with Potiphar’s wife) yet made him the prime minister in Egypt (because he gave the true interpretation of the King’s dream); truth led the three Hebrews (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) into the fiery furnace prepared by the king yet made them to easily win the souls of the inhabitants of the land of Babylon; truth led Daniel to the den of the lion yet made his antagonists used their lives and families to settle the debt of the trap they set for him; truth kept Mordecai when Harman prepared a plot of death for him. No man knows the truth and still wallows in the captivity of deception- truth liberates and delivers from an age long captivity of ignorance and deception.

Devil is the father of all lies because he observes it from the inception of the earth, therefore, the presence of darkness can never cease to operate in a life, home, family, business, career, relationship where lies have become the ruling agent since they’ve deliberately welcome its presence and operations. Although, lies can easily make you rich in material things but it will as well make you wretched in spiritual things and unfit for God’s blessings (Read: Thieves without masks) Note that a poor man is a person with no standing status in the society, and they are mostly being deprived of public speech because of their lack of financial capabilities compared to other people in such group. They suffer different kinds of humiliation which are critical and convincing enough for them to give in to seduction of the ways of the world. But for a man, in spite of his wretchedness, that never sacrificed his truth for pleasure, better days are ahead of them. A man that lacks critical understanding and application of knowledge (wisdom) is nothing but a fool and when he then supplements his foolishness with lies, he has done nothing but preparing the fire that will cook his destiny; hopeless end. Note that foolishness can never cover up lies but rather make it more glaring.

Poverty is not a licence to living a crooked life. Note that whatever bad attitude that had become a habit while you have nothing might be difficult to do away with when you have acquired all that your heart had ever wanted. Many people developed the habit of smoking probably to subside their obnoxious thinking level of prostitution to vend for themselves but after all they longed for had been achieved, because they now find it enjoyable, it becomes too difficult for them to retract. Note that no matter how spiritual you parade yourself, if you’re yet to do away with lies, you’re still a hired agent of darkness because you manifest his works. Half truth is never truth because two half-truths do not make a whole truth.

Bear in mind that no life can be better than what it is known to be until the truth about it has been identified and dealt with accordingly; deception thrives in a place where truth is missing. Note that in a place where truth thrives, professional and age long successful marketers of lies are usually magnanimous failures. The only thing that can deliver from subscribing to the awareness of deceits is to know the truth. Even if you have gone through several years of physical fitness trainings, if you’re not loaded with the truth, you can never escape being a victim of deceits.



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