The Missing Truth 3

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Vision can easily go down the drain before the setting of the sun; canker worms can hastily eat deep into a vision and truncate it; life can hurriedly become a mirage in spite of the presence of a blazing future; future itself can become a fairy tale and without glimmer of hope; hope might hastily vapourize because of lack of possibilities; destiny might be wasted away by unknown and external or internal forces; if care is not taken, everything becomes vanity when truth is missing in your baggage.

If you want to experience a lasting peace and success in your business, career, marriage, and life, ensure that they are all built on truth and no modicum of lie is found in them.

Peace becomes a very expensive commodity to acquire for a man when lies take the ruling authority over his life. Note that when truth is missing in a family, peace and happiness is successfully slaughtered and taken away from such a family; when a family is built on lies, peace and love are destroyed; when a business is built on lies, loyal customers become the worst enemies once they know the truth; when a career is built on lies, it cannot evade various and complex level of unconquerable criticisms; when a life is built on lies, such a life is bound to experience public disgrace the moment truth is done on people he has long deceived; a relationship that is not built on truth will end up in tears; a church that teaches not the truth will surely be swept away by winds of challenges because lives under such ministry are liable to suffer different kinds of demonic torments since the lordship of such a ministry belongs to the devil (Read: Conspiracy- The Law of the Hidden Truth)

Note that there is no disease that is as deadly as sadness; if you want to swiftly and silently kill a lively man, forcefully take away that which persistently gives him joy. Nothing saps human strength faster than sadness. If a man is always glad (lively) and he’s not eating well, there might likely not be a glaring reflection of such (that he’s not been eating well) on his look, but matter how nutritious the meal a man takes daily might seem to be, if happiness is missing in his daily life package, a person receiving treatment in the hospital might even look healthier than the person. Never allow any event bereave you of your gladness; it is Paramount to your healthy living. (Read: Thieves without masks)

A destructive or a constructive truth?

Truth is always truth no matter the level of grammar and interpretation given to it. Truth can be classified into two categories namely: Destructive truth or Constrictive truth. Note that truth might be classified into those two categories but bear in mind that whatever category of truth you’re exposed to is usually determined by the effect you allowed the truth to have on you being the first time to be exposed to such. The experience of individual person after such exposure to the truth is the only determinant of the category they might fall into.

  • Destructive Truth:

On what mission are you; a destructive or constructive truth? A destructive truth is a catabolic operator in a human vision and purpose. It is loaded with bullets that are capable of bringing vision and purpose down; it hastily extinguishes a man’s burning fire of faith; it fills man’s bosom with poisonous and deadly arrows that are capable of taking his breath gradually until he no longer has strength in him; it hastily depreciates the long range built value and integrity of a man or better still takes away his blue feather cap because people went about disclosing the truth to him hastily because the morsel of truth is always hard for he that has long-lived in lies, therefore, the truth that is meant to empower destroys him

  • Constructive truth:

A constructive truth is nothing but a metabolic instrument (“and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32) and it possesses the effort to catapult man to a place of manifestation and fulfilment of his purpose and destiny. It enables man; it refreshes man with new life and strength to pursue purpose to its establishment. Constructive truth has the power to build destiny into structure that man can behold. It’s a life transforming exposure (Read : Exposure)



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