The Missing Truth 2

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Truth is essential if a life must go further and farther; no success built on lies stands the test of time, it is always ephemeral. Success becomes cheap when truth is known.

If a life is disorganized and full of several untold stories, it means the truth about such life is yet to be located- the only thing that puts a life in shape and order is nothing but the truth.

Application of cosmetics can really package you for a first class level of attraction and acceptance but if truth is missing in your baggage of beauty, your value will depreciate faster than fixed (depreciable) assets. The hitting of truth might be hard but its hard punch on you will never leave you in ignorance any longer. Note that no soldier goes to battle field without belt; ensure you have your loins girt about with truth.

What truth is not

  • Truth is not confusion:

Misconception brings about confusion. Truth is not an element of disjunction buy an element of harmony, settlement and peace. Confusion occurs when there’s a lack of clarity or inability to connect some particular events because they lack order. Many professions nowadays are now loaded with bunch of lies because sustainable living has to be catered for. You see a doctor a lad that injection is to be administered upon that injection does not pain but the lad will become furiously disappointed when he observes that pains cannot be ruled out in the administration of injection, therefore, the prior confession of the doctor to such a lad was not connecting with the lad’s experience, yet the doctor presented his words to the lad to be true and the lad believed it. Must you seduce people with “painted truths” before you can gain acceptance?

Tell them nothing but the real truth from the outset and let them know what they are in for than to tell lies to them and when they discover they are disappointed. Many business people believe that they have to do some serious make up (beautifications) of their words (preparation of catchy presentation is good but must be totally true) in order to gain acceptance or win the hearts of clients. Note that if it is not on truth it will only be a one time purchase but if it true, and they derive value for their money, several repurchase order will surely be made.

  • What truth is
  • Truth is Strength:

Truth is a spell destroyer and a veil remover. One of the major things that empowers a man or his vision is nothing but the truth (Read: Revelation and Vision). It is said that the day a mad man becomes aware of his madness (truth) is the day madness ceases to operate in his life. A man is always satisfied with his current type of life because he thinks that is the best life could offer him but the moment he gets to know the real truth, strength is suddenly manifested in him to hastily recover lost/wasted time provided that it is not too late to mend.

  • Truth is life:

If you see a family that is happy and lively always, note that they operate on the principle of no secret and no lie (truth), but the moment they sidestep the principle and keep secrets, which invariably means that the more secrets individual person has, the more lies they tell each other to cover up their secrets, and by so doing, liveliness of the family is gradually taken off. Note that no amount of prayers can be made to heal a sick person, if the truth is yet known, every effort will prove abortive. When truth is missing in a nation, the state of the economy becomes imbalanced and confusion of diverse measure begins to manifest because they’ve deliberately hired the instrument of the devil in managing the affairs of such a nation and the kingdom of such a nation cannot escape being under the influence/control of the devil. When truth is missing in a life, the ruling party over such life automatically becomes the devil.



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