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Note that not until we have come to the understanding of whom God is to us, we cannot really know how best to relate with him. Is he a healer, the one you only seek when you have health issues?; is he just a way maker, the one you only remember when you’re in a confused state?; is he a father, the one that is capable of doing all things and nothing can be hidden from? Knowing God can be likened to the issue of a lad that was taken to the airport by either of his parents for the first time to see how air planes look like. Prior to this time, this lad had only been seeing air planes fly passed the top of their building but had never given an undivided attention to it because he thought it’s just a mere bird. The day he got to the airport, he almost ran away because he was gripped by fear of the massiveness of the air plane (thinking it was a beast). Then the mother held his hand close and explained that it was the thing that usually fly passed the roof of their building like birds with heavy noise which he sometimes waves at.

Note that the heart of this lad was arrested by the massiveness of that plane because of his closeness to it other than just a mere animal that belongs to the aves class.
Same implies to our relationship with God; the closer you draw to God, the more enormous he becomes to you but the farther you move away from him the more minute he becomes to you and with this you might end up treating him like every other mortal creature like the experience of the lad prior to his encounter with the originality of the air plane. Note that it will only amount to nothing but violation, trespassing or a misuse of authority when a king attempts to lord himself over a set of people where his kingdom exists not (where he has no authority). Bear in mind that those people he had chosen to do that to will never be reluctant or feel remorse for dragging his fame and royalty in a thick mud. People usually wallow in an uncontrollable level of thinking about a non satisfactory situation only because they are yet to search out or locate the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Note that being perpetually uneasy (anxious and worried) about one’s life is only a means to create a loophole through which devil can penetrate to trap one down because through such, there’s a glaring reflection of where and how weak you are.

Searching out the kingdom of God is the same as making effort to unravel the mystery about the fullness of God. The kingdom of God is tantamount to his sanctuary; his place of abode, a place where his presence can always been seen or accessed without restriction. A man that has become the sanctuary of God is nothing but the carrier of God’s presence (kingdom) and a channel through which God can be effectively accessed. Note that the kingdom of God lights manifest without the presence of any mortal power supply because he is the light there in; the kingdom of God is a place where no mortal input is needed for security because his presence secures all- no filthy thing can enter because he’s the door; the kingdom of God is a place where no lack exists because he created the earth and its fullness.

People usually go through the conventional wisdom or process, which always attracts pains and rigours in getting basic things of life done because they overlooked the essence of seeking God first which is the basis of living a stress-free life.

Remember that God has a thought of you in his plans (that’s why he’s given you room to surface in this generation) but do you have a thought of God in your plans? Does your daily plan or vision make you attractive or eligible for the purpose God had created you for here on earth and the place he had prepared for you to eternally live in when you get to heaven or it gradually and successfully drag you away from it without stress? God is not a traitor; he will never embark on a mission he will never complete. He does not take a man out of his comfort zone to leave him in danger and if he should allow man to walk through danger zone, it means His presence is there with him (Psalm 23:5). He cannot take you that far (if you have truly depended on him) to disappoint or desert you when it is most critical or when his presence is vital.
Note that you cannot journey with a hero (God) and return home with zero (disgrace). You cannot carry God and still carry boil (disgrace) in the same container because your boil (disgrace) can never withstand the boiling (raging) of the lord- it melts at the manifestation of His presence. Bear in mind that a man’s life and situation might look disarrayed and unappreciated by mortals of his kind but the day the Lord chooses to come into a man’s situation, he makes his situation a centre of attraction for another man’s salvation. A day of remembrance is never a day of hindrance. If you’re called a man of God and you are not a sanctuary of God (the place of His habitation), irrespective of whatever capacity you’re holding, you’re not far from being disgraced; you can never be a true man of God in isolation of his sanctuary. Note that anointing is not a criterion to entering heaven but holiness.

Note that many anointed people are burning in hell while Paradise is meant for holy people.

Show me a man that is overwhelmed by his level of anointing but places little or no value on living a holy life and I will show you a man that is capable of experiencing the intensity of a great inferno in the latter-day.



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