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Never attempt to make any man your standard because any mistake committed by them will surely leave a scar on you even if you’re healed of the wound. Note that when the enemy makes you to see the error of any highly esteemed personality in faith or a respected figure of which you’ve made a yardstick in measuring or assessing your personal life, he can still quickly reconsider his ways immediately he realizes his mistakes but the enemy is after you or your salvation.

The enemy will gain access to you by making you cling unto the error of the person you’ve made to be your standard as a reason for your current unethical or wayward behaviour. You will have nothing to say other than “If this highly respected personality could do this, then who and what am I not to do beyond or be claiming righteous. If the one we’ve been looking at as the most righteous and have patterned our lives after could be found in this act, then, why then is the need for being righteous?” As a result of this, you then gradually being swayed away till you are finally caught by devil’s web.

Remember that when man was created, he was created in the image and likeness of God and not man; He did not, from the inception, make any man your standard but Himself. Stop using any man’s life as a yardstick to your life; you’re a custom-made human.

Never attempt to dabble into making a decision that can cost your generation a fortune without a critical consideration before implementation. Note that whatever it is that you make your standard will surely determine or influence your stand; your stand can never in any way better than that which you have chosen to make your standard.

Take for instance, a man that longs to own a house, the first thing he will do is to first determine the standard of the building he really wants by hiring the service of an architect to develop a plan which will determine the basis of the house and how it might really look like. The pattern (standard) of the house to be built will determine the type of materials, quality of engineers to be hired to execute the task and the depth of the foundation (stand) of the building. If money is your standard, then you’re likely to melt off or fizzle out in the face of challenges.

Note that to every and any assignment given by God, there’s always a preconceived standard of execution and any deviation from it might lead to a glaring alteration in the look of the completed project (Read more on Seek ye First)

Hope you can remember the dialogue between Noah and God before he commenced the operation of building the ark. No man can jettison following the processes of the lord and attain His standard. Bear in mind that for every process He chooses to take any man through, there’s a preconceived standard he aims at in helping us attained. Note that the amount of effort you invest in getting success achieved is nothing to be compared with that which is needed to get it sustained.

A man’s life might look so disorganized and tattered that it even become the cynosure of many eyes because he has never had a taste or any experience of what is called wealth but note that it will look more unkempt and irrational for a man that his experience of what is called wealth and living a balance life has become once upon a time. Bear in mind that an ignorant being can never come to the knowledge of the truth or willing to accept the truth until he has realized his level of his ignorance or come to the end of himself.

It is quite easy for a man that is yet to know the truth(God) to come out of their long wallowed darknesses but it is quite intricate for a man that has earlier known the truth (God) but lost it on an account of an unknown deception from people he had so much trusted in faith or mortals he had chosen to be his yardstick and cheaply lost the priceless truth. Note that he (devil) that has been privileged to lay hold on their souls will never want them to ever have an experience of recovery; he will constantly raise heavy guilts within them that will always make them to feel unfit/unattractive to return to He who is capable of bringing them out of that unprecedented dungeon experience. Read more on Dagger in the shield of benefits

If greatness is your standard (what you aim at) then, thinking big must be your stand.

  • THINK BIG ( Read more Ben Carson 1992)

 T-talent/time. Never allow your God given talent to remain idle. If it won’t be needed, then you wouldn’t have been loaded with it. Time is an irredeemable factor. The only difference between here and there is Time. Your talent might seem unacceptable for now because of how crude it looks but with time if you can fine tune it people will surely pay for it

H- hard work. Be engaged in activities that are relevant to improve you at every point in time to make you more fit for purpose

I- initiatives. Be creative

N- networking. Connect with that you trust to be supportive and can guide you to achieve purpose. Do not isolate yourself from others. Be friendly with everyone; no one is too small to help you

K- knowledgeBe Always open to learning new things. The two greatest enemies of learning new things are comfort and arrogance; avoid this. When you’re satisfied with yourself or not submissive, learning new things will become difficult if not impossible and if you don’t learn new things and grow, you will not only fail but opportunities will also avoid you.

B- books. This is a means of drawing from the wealth of experience of both the living and late. Read both intensively and extensively. To learn of God you must learn to continually study His word and same implies to other aspect of your pursuits. Don’t wait till you find yourself at sea

I- insights.

G- God. Without God factor in your process of thinking big, you’re incomplete. If God is your standard, then, His precepts and commandments should be the basis of your standing.



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