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The state of an economy, either balanced, buoyant or sinking is never a determinant of whom is qualified to receive the help of God. Note that for whomsoever God had failed to help, no mortal help can be given to rescue such a sinking life and if mortal help should surface, it comes with an element of reproach. No man can by his ability attract the help of God except for he who has met up with His standard or fulfil his criterion which is the fear of the lord which encapsulates righteousness. Note that people surrounding you might portray the needed abilities to help you but irrespective of your level of wretchedness, your situation might still not attract their attention because you’re yet to secure the help of God; he who ask and receive from God will surely seek and find from men.

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Remember that God is the standard of your creation. He says let’s create man in our image (Gen 1:26): why must you deceitfully succumb to the honey-coated words of men by making them your standard whereby you long to pattern your life after theirs. The moment you choose to pattern your life after mere mortal, you automatically detach yourself from the source of your utmost fullness because He is major determinant of your manifestation.

I am a custom-made human, same as you are. I am created for a purpose and for some set of people as same as you are. My path is custom-made because it is determined by my purpose, audience and place of manifestation; the kind of training exposure I have is determined by the path my purpose ha attracted. We might have the same place of manifestation but our mode of training and experience will likely be determined by the path our purposes had chosen. Note that what people can see at present about your life is a reflection of what your path had taken you through, provided that you’ve not jumped lessons.

If you have critically paid an undivided attention to the lessons of your path (without jumping lessons or class) you’re likely to be the best of your kind in your domain. The path you choose to follow in life has the ability to determine your past, present and future. The fact that we might likely have the same place of manifestation doesn’t mean that we are going to have the same exposure to events and experiences in our custom-made paths because we have different mission on our place of manifestation.

Many students seek admission into the same school (place of manifestation) but that doesn’t mean that all of them will be admitted into the same department. Their places (school) of manifestation linked them together, but they have different paths (department) to follow in fulfilling their primary purpose. A person that long to become a chemical engineer cannot be attending the lectures of theatre art students, although they belong to the same school; his life designed purpose will determine the path (department and the kind of lectures he’s to receive). Many people love to celebrate many great and successful people and even pray to be like them, but they never care to know about their making processes (their sad moments, lonely time, confused situations they encountered, brutal and severe beatings by challenges of life etc.) The question is that if you’re to go through what they have gone through before becoming what you can see about them today, would you have come out victorious as they are?

Every great and successful people are dauntless and unconquerable; they are usually people that have fought and overcome both limitations that are without (physical and spiritual) and the ones within (mind). Your path is the only route in possession of the licence (pass card) to your place of manifestation. Note that people might hastily write you off because of the events you’re exposed to at present by your path as it is beyond mortal understanding but if you can patiently (without jumping lessons) follow through, they will surely come to celebrate your success, and they will even be the ones to publicise your arrival (Read: Write off: A contract under duress). Your path might bring you bitter leaf at the outset of your journey because better is the end than the beginning thereof, but don’t because of that jump lessons and inculcate the ways of the that theirs bring them sweetness at the beginning and pains thereafter, be ready to pay the price of your path.

Every great and successful person you see outside there does have a price they pay for success to be attained; some are good while some are bad, some are godly while some are ugly (devilish), but none is palatable (convenient).

The eagles also love to spend time dining and wining with other earthly creatures on the land surface but the continuous blowing of the air whispers flight to their wings. No matter how conducive, convincing, attractive, seducing the situation of the earth might seem to be the eagle, it will never be moved by it because it is aware of the fact that the dexterity of its ability is only being made known when its two wings are lifted up via the effect or presence of the wind.



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