If thy eyes be evil

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Eyes are one of the critical items required of every man to go further and farther in life for any great thing to be achieved. Eyes here do not connote the balls in the eye socket of every man which rolls up and down to aid proper vision. Note that the two balls that roll up and down the eye socket of every man is the one through which you see and not the one with which you see. Take for instance, your eyes might be widely open gazing at someone and yet not seeing the person because your mind might be far away from that very scene.

The only licensed eye that every believer (whatsoever category or caliber of people they might seem to be) is qualified to have is Holy Spirit. Anyone called a believer but possesses not this eyes is blind and cannot be identified with God because God doesn’t rear blind set of children- He cannot see per time that which the father really wants him to see. But if a set of eyes is full of evil, it can’t see the things of the light- if a heart is heavily dominated by evil, everything around that it sees displeases it and never gain their attention and attraction.

If the eyes are evil, the whole body is also evil because the eyes show the body the body the pathway to follow- nobody can effectively coordinate itself when embarked on a journey without the presence of a clear sight. If the eyes are bad, the entire body is in a big trouble. Note that is any man’s eyes are bad; his body cannot escape any danger no matter how smart he might parade himself to be, except with the help of he who has a very clear sight. Beware of he who discuss your problems with, you can never tell if they are or not the cause of or the one fueling it because you seem to be a blocking stone and they look for a way to get you occupied. Beware of he who you discuss your current breakthrough or successes with, laughter does not connotes happiness. The fact that you’re constantly being laughed with doesn’t mean that they are satisfied seeing you go farther and further in life.

Flesh is flesh- no matter how spirit filled a man might seem to be, give room for the possibility of flesh most importantly when disclosing some salient issues about your life; God is the only supreme and spirit being.

“If thine eyes be evil, the whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” Note that you will only conclude your greatest and the most needed destiny helper to be the most wretched person you should have something doing with if thy eyes be evil because you can’t glaringly see. Bear in mind that Namaan (that great Syrian warrior) would have forever remain in the dungeon of a lifetime leprosy if he had overlooked the idea of that little brat that was captured with the ones taken as slaves from the land of Hebrews by the Syrian, that he should consult a particular man of God in their land that God can heal him through the man and it happened as said by the little brat. Note that neither status nor wealth is worthy to determine who is eligible to render you the needed.

Many people missed the coming of Jesus in the first because their thought was that can any good thing come of Nazareth? This alone even made Jesus to weep when he got to Jerusalem that its saviour has come and it doesn’t know. Many people had missed the needed people in their lives and deliberately welcome frustration into their lives because the needed people are seen as people that are not worth it to render the help theyve long waited to receive because of the physical disposition those people and the condition of their own hearts.

Nobody is too small to help you, don’t overlook anyone’s importance, likewise, no one is too great to disappoint you, never attempt to attach too much importance to the existence of man; remember that they are mortal beings.

Note that every man you come across in your journey to pursuing greatness does not just crosses your path accidentally but because without them playing the roles allocated to them in the drama of your life, the movie of your life might be declared incomplete because some contents are missing; the real concept might not be achieved. Learn to be kind to everyone because you can never tell when and where (in a critical situation where you can’t get help from any other person except them) their help will be needed- will they not be reluctant to help you?

Remember the thief by the left hand side of Jesus? He missed salvation not because of he was a thief but because he believed in the notion the notion that if truly Jesus is a savior that’s come to save the entire world as acclaimed, enemy shouldn’t be able to oppress him (with all his powers) to such an extent that he was nailed to the cross, how then can he save him when they were both in the same shoes? Note that some people are brought down low to be in the same shoes of problems with you (uniform) so that you can easily win their hearts in that humble state of theirs that they might be used to catapault you to your destined place. Take note of the example of the case of Joseph and the king’s chief butler and chief baker. They have to be brought low to the prison in preparation of new minister that’s about to emerge. The same way it is for you also at times when God allows humble state to surface in your life, he might want to use it to bless a life or safe your head from an impending danger.

Remember the case of David when he was chasing after the enemy that had come behind him to invade his land and cart away their belongings and his people. On his way while chasing after those people, he came across a dying stranger along the road and stopped by with his warriors to help the man but unknown to them all that the man was one of the warriors of the enemies that had come to invade his land in his absence. After the dying stranger was able to regain his strength, he directed them to the camp of their enemies and they were able to safe their people and redeem their belongings.

Never attempt to treat anyone as outcast in your camp (anywhere around you), relate with everyone with the fear of God in mind, bearing in mind that every slave has parents, situation only made them be like that and they can gain their freedom any moment and be normal again. Learn to hastily work on your bad/evil eyes that it might not bring your body into an uttermost darkness.



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