Destiny- The Container of Man’s Relevance

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A man that doesn’t understands the reason for his existence or places no value on his existence or does not appreciate or places value on his destiny as well. Note that every human destiny is the only and main reason  for his existence;  fulfillment comes as a result of proper understanding  of the reason for one’s existence and making a proper attempt to fulfilling it. Without the presence of destiny to chase for fulfillment, the reason for one’s existence might become irrelevant or unimportant.

The relevance of your existence is rooted in the fulfillment of your destiny- no man can shy away from his destiny and think his existence will automatically magnetize the attention of people or accidentally affect lives, and if it does, it is just a pseudo attraction and impartation, and will fade off within a matter of time. Note that being patiently, practically and persistently chasing after the fulfillment is the only route needed to shape your existence into relevance. Your destiny might be like that of Joseph, that will first throw you into the prison, where humiliation of different kinds exists, that some sub-class set of people of people that have an unconstrained connection with the ones that control the affairs of a noble establishment which is capable of catapulting you to where your existence can be fully known and appreciated. But the moment you try to maneuver by shying away from the gravity of the pain of what that can bring to you, it is like you are shying away from the fulfillment and the relevance of your existence.

Your destiny might be like that which will pull and push you even closer to the mouth of a lion, like the case of Daniel, not because it has made you to be meal to the wild animal as such but to prove the existence of God to some pagans around you via your situation.

Never attempt to be too convenient to overlook the importance of God in your life/situation or to be overwhelmed/consumed by emotion by emotion such that you place value on your challenges  more than God- note that your strength can effectively contain what your destiny carries. Many people always want to play prank on their destiny/relevance by saying what their destiny had brought to them is huge for them to handle and they make effort to hasten their journey by cutting corners- note that many people that acclaimed that their strength is incapable to capture that which destiny had brought to them in the course of preparing them for their audience are mostly the ones that easily fall of the trail of life so cheaply that remedy might be too difficult to access. Note that the gravity of your challenges determines the quality of your story and the worth of your glory

You will only be able to leave a good print of your name on the mind of people far and near only when your existence impacts live positively and this can only be achieved through the establishment of your destiny- the main reason for your coming to this planet “Earth.”

Bear in mind that the only thing that constantly speaks about why and how your existence is mostly needed on planet ‘Earth’ is your destiny (mission) – the relevance of your existence is rooted in the content of your destiny. Note that the content of your destiny might be like that of a seed that has the capability to feed many lives but this cannot be feasible until the seed first fall down (soil) and die, and come out afresh again- bear in mind that the process through which the seed has to go through before it dies might not be too convenient but for it to be able to feed generations of people (relevance) it must not shy away from what its destiny is about to expose it to which is to birth its relevance in the midst of every mortal being. Take the process of dying of an onion for instance; it stinks and looks so disgusting that even no one wants to hold or keep it in the house.

  • Eagle

Your destiny might be like that of the process a young eagle has to go through after few days of its hatching. Few days after its hatching after it has grown wings to fly, the mother eagle deliberately destroys the nest to enable the little eagle to learn how fly. It deliberately makes the nest uncomfortable for the little eagle by scattering the nest; as a result of this, it will seem as if the little eagle wants to fall from the top, and in the course of struggling  not to fall, its wings gradually carries air and it gains balance and fly appropriately. To this little eagle, it might seem as if the mother eagle is being wicked but I must tell you that the little eagle might refuse to mature up to its full standard on time if the mother eagle fails to behave as such. Same thing applies to man. Destiny might throw you into the air because you belong not to the caucus of those that walk on the ground but the high-flyers and this might seem as if life/destiny is being harsh on you because it looks so strange to you and it might take time before you gain balance.

Never attempt to chase wealth before destiny but rather chase destiny before wealth because the fulfillment of your destiny will surely bring you to relevance and wealth thereafter.



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