The Unknown Presence

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The absence of a person whose presence cannot satisfy you can never hurt you. Invariably speaking, if the presence of someone cannot satisfy you, then his absence can never in any way hurt you.

The way you live your life is a determinant of how strategic you’re in establishing your life designed purposes. If you continuously remain unconcerned about how you persistently live your life, you might by your attitude cast a spell in your purpose or live a life that will enormously antagonize the survival, let alone the flourishing, of your life designed purposes. Have you ever made out effort to ask yourself if your current ways of life will ever lead you into identifying or/and fulfilment of your life designed purposes?

Does your current work makes you to raise a healthy and happy family? Does your mode of dressing makes you attract the right set of people that are needed to journey with you in order for you to fulfil destiny or street urchins that behave like parasitic animals whose aim is to suck the juice of your orange and dispose of the chaff? What does your mode of dressing to work each day teaches your children? Will your attitude towards God and His words help you to get the best of Him at every point in time? Will your attitude towards lectures and reading help you to get the beat out of that academic system? These are questions that only you can give the right answers to.

I’m quite convinced that you really need a solid financial plan in order to raise a beautiful and healthy family but the question remains that does your job not have an interference with your personal life and home? Bear in mind that you’re not a slave but a solution bearer which deserves an adequate compensation for any solution provided. Note that the relationship between you and your organization must be a relationship with mutual benefits I.e. both of you must have a sense of belonging.

Note that the same way an organization places you on probation in their firm for the first few months of your job placement is the same way you also are to place the job on probation in your personal life too. The reason for this is that if you fail to perform up to the firm’s expectations at the expiration of the probation period, you will immediately be shown the exit door of the firm, likewise, the firm is not in any way needed in your life if it will gradually and seductively ensnare you away from chasing the fulfilment of your life designed purposes. Now that you’ve gotten a job in a well-paying firm as you’ve always wanted it to be, you have to work up to the expectation (if not beyond) of the organization I.e. add value to the organization and that’s really true for every organization that doesn’t want to go out of business within a short while but in order for you to bring in more clients for the organization (which is the duty of the department you were hired into) you have to dress seductively (exposing many sensitive parts of your body) and many a time have to sleep with clients in order to keep your job intact simply because you toiled a lot before you could get that. Note that you’re not in any way better than a whore but the only difference between you is that yours is corporate whore. You cannot come out plain to parade yourself as a prostitute and let people know you’re one too but you hid yourself under the fame of an organization to display your dexterity all in the name of the claim that you do not want to lose your job.

Note that no responsible and godly man is too generous to be willing to settle down for a harlot or whore-like dressed damsel as a wife and so also will no responsible and godly damsel be ready in any way to pitch a life tent with a hoodlum except on special and divine directives. For how long will you continue to destroy your destiny to build a castle for a man that gives no reverence to your presence?

Note that you will immediately be replaced once you’re off the job without any remorse because the firm needs to keep making money. What has your so-called job turned you into; a whore or street urchin? Does it really place you at an advantage to attract your destined life partner or rather creating a wide and wild vacuum between you? Have you forgotten so soon that you’re a wife and mother to someone and likewise a father and hubby to someone? Expose yourself to rge right type of grooming that will make you the best in your category. Note that if you do anything dubious or happily defile your godly temple in order to keep the fame of your firm or make more money for your firm, their fame will keep growing while your destiny is gradually being exposed to archers (sacrificing your destiny to build an empire for your boss).

Note that it is not worth it to settle down for any offer that has no respect or interest in your personal wellbeing whereas exorbitantly affecting your life negatively



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