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A solution carrier is never scared of being confronted by problems because they are rest assured that the problems are to bow to the lordship of what is within them at the manifestation of their presence.

Warriors/soldiers are never scared of war, in fact, they are always joyous whenever they hear its sound. Invariably speaking, problems become the most desirable animal that their hunters are always in search of because it is the only thing that shows forth the beauty of what they are loaded with (solution) is the presence of the webs of problems.

If there had not been any complex dream (problem) by the king that no magician of the land of Egypt could interpret, the solution ability (interpretation of dreams) of Joseph might have remained unheard even in the land of Egypt. Read more on Divine Strategy I and Divine Strategy II

If truly you’re a solution, be on a look out for problems and not troubles that your presence might be known. Note that many solution carriers will end up dead in a cocoon I.e. unknown (obscurity), without the presence of problems.

Many solution abilities will ever remain unidentified because the carriers are bunches of challenges evaders which is the only requirement which are needed to bring them out of obscurity into the public glare for men to see and be decorated for coronation. Note that it will amount to nothing but a glaring curse if a prayer is to be said to a lawyer that he/she will never see case in his/her life. Although, the one that said the prayer might only meant that he/she will not enter into life issues that will finish him/her but if care is not taken, it might be misinterpreted to mean that clients will never bring issues that will warrant him to go and represent them in the court of law to him and this might invariably make him/her to flare up even against man of God.

The question here is why that? Note that the most substantial part of the income a professional lawyer receives regularly comes from the cases they attend to in the respective court of law and without several cases being presented before them which requires their attention to always be in the court of law, they might not really be able to show their dexterity or to prove to people that they really bear the solution to intricate cases like that and as a result of this, they can’t be known and their daily needs too might not be adequately met because there is no stream of income.

What then can we say about medical practitioners? Note that the dexterity of their abilities cannot be known if they’ve never encountered patients with complex medical issues and in spite of the intricacy, they are able to find a lasting solution to it. Note that it will be nothing other than a very strong curse to a medical practitioner when they say they will not be presented with patients with complex issues in their place of practice because it is only the complexity of the patients’ medical cases that can validate the existence of those solution abilities they are loaded with. If they’re medical practitioners that only attend to minor and not some times complex medical issues, they might not be known for nothing More than that.

Note that the level of the intricacy of the patient’s predicament and the solution provided by the medical practitioner will determine the rewards of the medical practitioner. The complexity of the medical issue of the patients has the ability to determine the monetary charges (hospital bills) he will place on them, the fame and recognition his name also will attract if he’s able to proffer solution to that kind of problem. A solution bearer might be amazed seeing a problem of a kind confronting them for the first time or often times but they are never being moved or scared of its presence because they know that they are embodiments of way out.

Note that the only instrument that can bring out the brilliancy ability of a student to limelight is the intricacy of the question given by any teacher to them to test their knowledges (assignment, test or examination) and in spite of the complexity of the question, he/she still had an outstanding performance. Bear in mind that if anybody else or many people can do what you can do, it will take ages for your presence to be identified, except you distinguish yourself.

A friend of mine loves saying something and I quote “I am the solution, show me the problem.”

A solution bearer sometimes has to look for problems and not troubles.

What I’m saying in essence is not that you look for a place where hoodlums are fighting with destructive objects, then, you rushed into the place saying you are the solution, see, your head will be remorselessly chopped off by them. But all I’m saying in essence is that you should identify the niche in your community, nation, and generation in which you observe that what you are loaded with (solution) can successfully thrive, although it might not be immediate, and then begin to identify the problems there and deal with them in like manner.

David who killed Goliath understood this fact and the moment the problem surfaced (being confronted by the giant Philistine) knowing full well that he’s the solution bearer, he never hesitated to move out of the wilderness where he was shepherding the flocks to the war front like the one that had been anticipating such. Note that people might write you off today but if you fail to give up on that which you’re loaded with, the same set of people will stage you up tomorrow. Do not give in to challenges; warriors are not people that gave up on the battle field- they are the ones confronted by a very hot war yet conquered. What do you see yourself as; mistake or a solution? If you are a problem averter, you’re a mistake but if you are a problem seeker with the sole aim of solving it, you are nothing but a solution. Identify yourself. Solution bearers anticipate challenges.



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