Signals: Unusual Communication Media

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Signals are simple interprocess communication used to notify a process or thread of an occurrence. Signals are not often thread of communication but rare ones. It might not come in form of laudable instructions or voice and as a result of this, it might be successfully ignored by whosoever sees it if it is not identified. Road users that are not conversant with road signals are liable to fall victim of road signal default penalties. Note that if you are a person that takes no cognizance of signals and events, you are liable to, by your effort chase away a life-changing opportunity or joyfully and deliberately walk yourself (with or without the influence of anyone) into a remorseful or beautiful but deadly trap. Take note of signals that are not just usual in your life as they are essential to living peaceful and successful life. Stop the act of ignoring relevant signals (pay an undivided attention) because they can act as pointers to greatness or sounding and resounding a note of warning that you might abstain (proactive measures) from an impending danger. Signals are often written off by many people simply because of the medium through which the signal is being made known or because of the personality of the person through which the signal is used to make communication- they might be the less privileged of the society such as beggars, demented beings etc. Signals speak about times and seasons and this usually entails unusual coding which requires a man that could interpret times and seasons to take an advantage of it.

Signals operate with seasons: it explains both the expiration and the commencement of the old and new seasons respectively.

Note that everybody you have an affiliation with might not grant you the needed help irrespective of the amount of your tears before them or how able they are in rendering the needed help at that moment because they might just be signals pointing you to where help is and not your helper.
Do not just chase success bluntly without taking check of relevant signals- signals around you will give you different tenable ways of chasing and achieving success. Don’t be over consumed by your will such that you refused to take note of warning signals or sensitizing signals (incision). He that derives pleasure in trivialising signals is not in any way better than him that wastes valuable treasures because everything and moment of time is usually termed as normal to them.

Note that history could find a place of record for the Shepherd called “the wise men” in the scripture because they could hastily discern situation even from the look of things. There were lots of people on the field that day overseeing their flocks the day Jesus was born but immediately they saw the outstanding star in the sky, they could easily and hastily interpret it and dealt with it in like manner and this made history to deem it fit to keep their names in record- they understand times and seasons and this alone earned them the title “the wise men.” Invariably speaking, with this, it can be concluded that he that trivializes signals is never in any way better than a fool because they will be successfully deceived by situations.

A newly pregnant damsel is capable of harming the foetus she’s carrying if she’s not conversant with pregnancy symptoms. No matter how hot or blazing the coal of your glory might have been proclaimed to be by prophets, if you are ignorant of signals, you’re capable of watching the coal dive into a cosy and still water which will successfully extinguish the potency of its ability. Coal is only respected by both old and young when it still has the presence of fire around it but the moment it dives into the water, it becomes an object of ridicule (the one anybody can just handle without care). Note that breaking away and a transcendental growth and expansion is usually imminent when challenges become tensed but many suddenly give up or give in to their challenges because they are ignorant of how close they are to success- many people end up making awful decision at this junction (making an attempt to patch it up) of their lives because they do not know how signals work. Note that signals prepare man for both opportunities and impending danger or challenges but a natural man finds it irrational or too intricate to unravel the mystery of signals.



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